Entry number 1402

14th April 2017 (received evening of 13th April)

Jojo (with a helping hand from Liz Storrie)

Subject: Our News

Hello everyone, Jojo here!

Well, as Macduff and Eilidh have had a long, tiring day, they have asked me to tweet Easter Greetings to you all - pease click here to see.  We hope you have a very happy Sunday, with a special lunch, maybe?

Things have been quite quiet here. The weather hasn't been too bad. Not much rain, quite a lot of sunny spells, but it is keeping quite cool.

I must admit to having a wee giggle to myself yesterday morning when Mum got up at 7 a.m. and took Macduff and Eilidh out for a walk. They weren't too impressed at being woken so early. Then about 9 a.m. the plumber arrived to sort the overflow from the toilet and the guttering outside. I think Eilidh had her nose put out of joint because the plumber thought that Macduff was a very handsome and distinguished little man. I heard her muttering about some people having no taste.

Then Aunty Liz arrived to see us. She tried so hard to get me to say `Pretty Joey`, but I wouldn't. Oh, I whistled and chirped away but that was it. As soon as she had gone I said it - and kept saying it!

Oh, by the way, our football team got knocked out of the Junior Cup. Mum says sorry, she forgot to tell you all.

Then the gardener arrived. There's still a lot of work to do but it is looking better already. Mum says the problem with weeds is because someone has been cutting the grass and just leaving it lying. She says it should be raked up and put in the bucket. Anyway, the gardener is going to come every 2 weeks. So Mum has decided to hold off with the plants for a few weeks. We are hoping that with regular attention the grass will recover. If not some feeding may be required.

So this morning both Macduff and Eilidh were looking forward to a longer lie. No such luck though. They were taken out at half eight, much to Macduff`s disgust. Then Dad arrived at half ten and off they went, Macduff for a furcut and little Madam for a bath. I must say they smell divine and Macduff looks very handsome - quite distinguished actually!

Mum took Dad out for lunch, as a thank you for helping us with the move. They went to Luca`s in Musselburgh. They are famous for their ice cream. There is always a queue at the shop and they have a cafe at the back. They had panninis, whatever they are, and, of course, Mum had some ice cream. She says Dad decided he'd rather have cake. She had a Millionaire's Sundae. It sounds YUMMY - warm millionaire's shortbread with chocolate and vanilla ice cream and butterscotch sauce. She knows some of the Mummies out there are foodies too and like to hear about these unusual recipes.

Anyway, that's all our news, so once again Happy Easter. Hope you all have good weather and can get out and about.

Love and kisses to everyone XXXXXXXXXX


Entry number 1401

14th April 2017 (received evening of 13th April)

Oliver (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Subject: Our News

Easter greetings one and all,

First of all, good old Scott seeing the Flying Scotsman - wish I'd seen it too - definitely one for the boys as Heather was more excited seeing Dudley in his bobble scarf. Mum did have a laugh at seeing Scott help his Mum with the machining.

We had a good walk round the Donkey Sanctuary in last week's fine weather. We haven't been able to go for ages as it has been much too muddy and we went to the restaurant afterwards and sat under the table and watched all the other doggies sitting under theirs. Mum dropped a few snacks for us too!

Mum said I should ask if any other Scotties have gone deaf? Mum has to do lots of hand signals and I can hear a clap or a whistle but can't hear much else. Do you think I might have wax in my ears or, growl, growl, am I getting old?

Heather has been jumping about after she read the 'unbirthday' message. She keeps saying can she have an unbirthday every day and a party and pressies too. Soppy girls!

We hope you all have a good Easter - don't forget Mums and Dads, we can't eat chocolate but we jolly well can eat biscuits and doggy treats!

All the best, Oliver, also xxx from Heather


Entry number 1400

6th April 2017 (received evening of 5th April)

Dudley (with little paws being guided by Maureen Guthrie)

Subject: My Spring Neckwear!

Hello everyone - 4 legs, 2 legs, with fur and feathers, Mums and Dads - Dudley Bear here!

Mum took me for my fur cut yesterday. When we got home Mum said, " I know it's spring but still a bit chilly" - l thought the rug was coming out again, then, just like magic, I had a bobble under my chin!

Mum said it was a scarf, so just a small rug and I think I look quite dashing in it. Well, everyone we passed was pointing at me and called me cute. Not too sure if being a Scottie goes down well with the local street dogs.  Roll on summer, Mum will probably make me wear a sun hat. Love her really and I know she loves me - just leave out the fashion parades!

Well, l'm off for my evening walk and taking my scarf with me - never know, might catch on!

Lots of licks and woofs, Dudley Bear xxxx


Entry number 1399

2nd April 2017 (received evening of 1st April)

Eilidh (with little paws being guided by Liz Storrie)

Subject: Our News

Hello everyone, Eilidh here!

Oh, Oliver, we know exactly how you feel. That lost hour is haunting us too. Mind you, the lighter nights aren't helping the matter - they make the day longer. It's amazing how taxing that 'chilling' in the garden can be.

Well, we haven't had very good weather this past week but today the sun came out about lunchtime and we have had a very sunny, warm afternoon. We had a nice walk this morning, but just round the block this afternoon. Here's hoping it's the same tomorrow.

We haven't seen any RATS this week. Mum hopes they've gone. There was an interesting smell in the lane last weekend but it has gone now, so we reckon they have moved on.

Mum went shopping this morning to Morrison's. She came back with a plant for the garden. It is called Jacob's Ladder and will have lovely blue flowers in summer. We supervised the planting and made sure that Jacob had some water (no, not what you're all thinking) and that he was happy in his new home. The fairies helped us with speaking to him.

We have also been getting up to mischief with the fairies and playing tricks on Mum. Macduff can't manage stairs now so Mum lifts him up into the garden. Well, this morning Mum was hanging washing out and she left Macduff down at the back door. When she came back down the old boy was nowhere to be seen. She checked in the house, then went back out to find him happily digging a hole in the grass. He says the fairies helped him up the 6 steps to the grass. I believe him but I don't think Mum does.

Mum is a bit annoyed as she got someone to come and measure up for a fence but he has never got back to us. She hates when people do that. Now we will have to start again or use hedging round the garden maybe. She keeps changing her mind but, on the plus side, we have managed to find a chap who does gardens. He is going to come on a regular basis to cut the grass and help keep the weeds down. I'm sure we will help with the weeding but we are not allowed out when someone is using the lawn mower, mostly because my brother chases it and barks all the time - BOYS!

We met the Dachshunds up the road this morning with their Mum. I was all ready to go up and say hello but, oh my goodness, they were really giving us a hard time, so Macduff and I just stuck our noses up in the air and stalked past - that'll show them!

Well, I can feel sleep calling, hope everyone is well.

Love and kisses to all, with special sloppy kisses for all the Mummies out there. XXXXXXXXXXXX