Entry number 1461

14th April 2018

Ollie Bear (with little paws being guided by Pauline Leigh)

Subject: Our News

Hi everyone, Ollie Bear here!

Yes, I know Shadow is usually chief message writer but he is busy at the moment so I thought I would take a turn.

Well, we all thought 'she' was a biscuit short of a dog bowl, and boy, has she proved it! We have got 2 new lodgers and not the 4 legs, fur and tail variety, but claws and feathers - 2 orange-winged Amazon parrots, who go under the names of Charlie and Lucy (loud and trouble if you ask me).

We were excited at first. Shadow has taken it upon himself to be chief parrot watcher, hence why he is busy. Charlie is one loud dude, chatters away, always asking Mum what she is doing, barks and sounds like one of our squeaky toys, so we have to keep doing a stock take just in case, but my, can the bird screech when Mum leaves him in a room on his own.

Eilidh, we desperately need your help here with tips please.

Paddy, you don't know how lucky you are to have had a cat; can we swap?

Anyway, me done, I am just going to find a corner and stick me paws in me ears.

Lots of woofs and licks, Ollie Bear xxxxxx




Archie (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

15th April 2018

Miaows to all,

Heather has just shown me the photo of Charlie and Lucy - my, they are fine birds. Could be a bit of fun chasing them! Heather says that wouldn't be nice, Archie, but she doesn't know too much about cats. I bet Paddy would enjoy having a bark at them.

Well, between me and you, Heather told me this morning that Mum was a bit upset as Paddy went out for his pre-breakfast run in the garden and came back in with a dead cock bullfinch in his mouth. She has given him the benefit of the doubt that he 'found' it as there aren't any marks on it and maybe it died from natural causes. Apparently she's very protective of her bullfinches and is hoping it isn't the male of a breeding pair. My guess is that Paddy disturbed that old ginger cat that I see patrolling the garden in the early hours.

I had a good time last night when Mum and the Scotties went up to bed. I carried my ball into the lounge and had a good game of 'footie' with Chris!

Heather says I mustn't hog the computer.

Purrs for now, Archie




Eilidh (with little paws being guided by Liz Storrie)

17th April 2018 (received evening of 16th April)

Well Ollie, two very handsome lodgers indeed. Are they staying permanently, or just on holiday with you? Jojo and Tommy send welcoming tweets and whistles, and Mum sends her love and kisses.

I don't know much about parrots and neither does Mum. I think they are a bit big for her. She wondered if covering the cage when Charlie screeches would help. I know our two get quite vocal sometimes, but Mum assures me that parrots are much noisier. Sorry we can't be of more help.

I am having great fun at the moment. Tommy has started saying "Pretty Joey", copying Jojo. Then every now and then we get a noise like a Trimphone ringing. We have no idea where he picked that up, unless it was in the pet shop. They wind Mum up something awful. Tommy is much chattier than Jojo. Mum says he talks everything to death. He scolds his seed then eats some, scolds his millet and treats, then eats some. He chatters away nineteen to the dozen to his toys, then knocks hell out of them. Even the television gets talked at!

Sometimes though I could curl up and die when Mum talks to the birds outside. I always check that the neighbours are not listening! She sometimes has long conversations with our magpies.  Anyone got room for a lodger?

Saturday and Sunday were lovely here - warm and sunny. I managed to persuade Mum that it would be nice to go round the field on Sunday afternoon. We haven't been down there for ages because it has been so wet. I had a ball sniffing around and having a few races to myself. I was ready for my dinner when I came home.

There are supposed to be houses being built in MY field - what a cheek! But someone, who works at the council, has told us that they are not building there now because of all the mine shafts. We have everything crossed that this is true.

Well Archie, we are so pleased that you are settling in well. What fun playing 'footie' with Chris. We have a black and white cat which visits us often. We think he is a stray. I'm afraid, being a Jack Russell, I tend to chase cats, but our visitor toddles off when I go out. Mum would be REALLY angry if I attacked him.

Hope your nose is intact Paddy. I'll bet you won't look in Archie's litter tray again.

Anyway, sleep is calling. Nite all.

Jojo and Tommy send love and tweets to all, especially Charlie and Lucy, and love and kisses to all from me xxxxxxxx


Reply to responses:

20th April 2018

Tweets and screeches from Lucy and Charlie!

We are in what is known as a 'safe house' (if you can call this house safe – with 3 noisy boys and a loony human) whilst new forever homes are being found for us.

We are 10 years old and lived with our elderly parents, but sadly Mummy died and Daddy couldn’t look after us, so he surrendered us to a Parrot Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

Charlie has settled really well. He is one cheeky boy, chatters and screeches for Britain, but I have to keep telling him to shut up every now and again. He is very much a ladies man, this one. Me, I am a little more reserved and shy, but I love the men. We are both quite fussy eaters and 'she' keeps putting bits of horrible fruit in our cage and we don’t like it. We like our seed mix only - when is she going to learn? However, we adore nuts, but 'she' is now trying to make us earn them and, I will tell you, I am not very amused about that at all. We will see who gives in first!

Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely sunshine - we are.

Well, tweets and whistles for now, my beak is not used to this.

Lucy and Charlie


Editor’s Note:  Wow!  This is getting complicated :)

Response to Lucy and Charlie’s Reply to the original Responses:

21st April 2018

Jojo (with beak and claws being guided by Liz Storrie)

How sad for you to lose your Mummy. I am more than certain that you are in a VERY SAFE place now.

I have lived with dogs for ten years now. Eilidh and I get along famously. Our late brother, well, he was a wee bit feisty, but he soon got used to me. I have forgotten all about my previous life. Mum found me in the SSPCA rehoming centre all those years ago. I love life now - I am safe and well fed. Tommy sends his love. He is just a baby and has only known us as his family.

I would advise that "she" should become your best friend. Remember who feeds you! We refer to our Mum as "she who must be obeyed" or "old spoilsport", but we love her really.

Love and tweets, with kisses from Eilidh and Mum


Entry number 1460

13th April 2018 (received evening of 12th April)

Paddy (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Subject: Our News

Top of the morning everybody!

Now it looks like this Archie cat has really come to stay. Mum said he was joining the family but I thought it would be for just a while, not FOREVER! Anyway, I like to keep a watchful eye on him, especially now he doesn't have to stay in the conservatory and Mum says it's quite OK for him to walk around the house. However, I've seen Heather go in the conservatory and have a peek in the door of the litter box so I thought I'd have a look too. Off I go into the conservatory, quick look around and no Archie to be seen, so I saunter over to the litter box and poke my nose in the door! Waah! - didn't realise Archie was busy in there and out he came like a raging lion - did I get out of the conservatory pretty quick!

I've been on high alert so much just lately that I haven't had a chance to send my newsletter. I saw Heather helping Archie send one after his welcome greetings but she never told me she was going to do that.

I expect the hedgehogs will be in the garden soon so I have a good look every evening. Mum says we have a badger visiting our pond for a drink in the night but, if I see him, I must come indoors as he would probably pick a fight with me and Mum says we don't want any of that, thank you. She hopes the hedgehogs will be safe from him but they only go for hedgehogs when they are hungry. Mum is going to put a little heap of badger food in the woodland corner so Heather can't get at it - she eats absolutely anything, even my dinner if I don't keep an eye on her and give a warning growl!

I'll send more reports on my hunting activities.

Barks from Paddy, xx from Heather and (grrr) purrs from Archie