Entry number 1510

30th April 2019 (received evening of 29th April)

Scott (with little paws being guided by Elaine Hewitt)

Subject: Welcome 'Flora'

Hi there Flora,

Welcome to Scottie dog lovers. You will meet lots of new friends here.

I am sure it will not take you long to get settled in to your new forever home. I didn’t. Just go along with Jan & John's routine and follow what Lily does and you will be fine.

Hope to see more pictures of you.

Lots of welcome woofs to you from Scott Hewitt - Oh, and Elaine & Dave.


Entry number 1509

27th April 2019 (received evening of 26th April)

Eilidh (with little paws being guided by Liz Storrie)

Subject: Our News

Hello everybody, Eilidh here!

We are sorry that we haven't been in touch lately but, with the nice weather here, Benji and I have been helping Mum in the garden. Mind you, Benji is more interested in sunbathing than helping - typical boy!

We spotted our first hedgehog two nights ago on our last walk of the night. He was a big one and boy, could he shift himself. Of course, old Spoilsport wouldn't let us chase him.

We've had great fun with Virgin installing cable in the village. Plenty of workmen to bark at from the window and lots of barriers for Benji to water!

We have some sad news - Jojo went to Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday. It was very sudden and Mum said he didn't suffer. I helped Mum to bury him in the garden.

But, we also have some good news - we have a new baby budgie. She joined the family today. She is very pretty, pale blue and we have named her Elsa. We will post some photos when she has settled in. Mum says everything is strange for her because she hasn't lived in a house before. We were a bit peeved because we didn't get to go in the car to collect her. Anyway, Tommy seems to think she is quite special. Hopefully they will soon be in the same cage.

Anyway, it's very late so goodnight all. Love and kisses from us.




Barbara Tribe

28th April 2019

Hallo Eilidh, Benji, Tommy and Mum, Liz

We were so sorry to hear that Jojo had gone to Rainbow Bridge.

We hope that baby Elsa settles in nicely and Tommy will have a young companion.

A tweeting welcome to scottiedoglovers for Elsa.

Barks from Paddy and Mitzi, purrs from Archie and love from Barbara xx


Entry number 1508

20th April 2019

Barbara Tribe

Subject: Easter Greetings

Wishing all on scottiedoglovers - human, furred and feathered - a very happy Easter.

Enjoy this lovely sunshine.

Paddy, Mitzi and Archie, Barbara and Chris xxx