August 2018

Entry number 1475

12th August 2018 (received 11th August)

Paddy (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Subject: Our News

Top of the morning all!

Mum showed us your pics, Kyle - you look a pretty smart lad. Mitzi says to me that she thinks you are really handsome, the most handsomest Scottie she has ever seen. What a stupid thing to say! Typical girl Scottie. It's as bad as that darn cat, Archie, who walks about the house ALL day. I give him one of my SPECIAL LOOKS when I think Mum's not looking but she always sees me and tells me to behave.

Well, Mitzi and I have had some good hunting fun in the garden. For FOUR days we have been hunting behind the rocks round the bird bath and in the corner behind the cold frame. We just knew there was something hiding there and finally we caught it - it was a shrew and did it taste nasty, so we left it on the patio for Mum.

Now it's raining today and, being true Scots, we hate going out in the rain.

Cheers from Paddy, xxx from Mitzi and purrs from that darn cat, Archie




Kyle Kimberley-Scott (with a little help)

14th August 2018

Woof, woof to you all

As you can see, I now have my paws on the keyboard, so here goes.

Fancy me having a secret admirer - Mitzi! I do my best to look good in my pictures but, as you all know, I do like to be 'paws on' with any work that is going on inside or outside the house. Yesterday I was plumber's mate for the day!

The cooler weather over the last few days has suited me better. The fields where I go walking are all looking a bit bare now but the good thing is I can see the bunnies better now the crops have gone.

We have some new visitors to the garden - a pair of noisy magpies. We've been hearing them for a while but two or three weeks ago they started coming in the garden - me thinks they will be something else to chase!

Well, I can hear food being prepared so best go and 'lend a paw'.

Take care and keep having fun.

Woofs and wags - Kyle XXXXXXX