Entry number 1448

31st December 2017 (received evening of 30th December)

Heather (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Subject: Happy New Year

Hallo everybody, Heather here!

Paddy is very excited as he caught his first rat yesterday. He put it down at the bottom of the steps to the back door and waited for Mum. I think he was afraid she would be cross because it was dead! We all gave him lots of praise and now he keeps checking for another one. Mum says, "Let's hope he doesn't bring the next one indoors".

We all liked the photo of little Tommy. We wonder what Jojo thinks of him.

Me and Paddy and Leo would like to wish everybody a very happy and healthy New Year, as does Mum and Chris.

xxx from Heather


Entry number 1447

24th December 2017

Pauline Leigh

Subject: Christmas Greetings

Hi Everyone,

Pauline and the Tartans would like to wish you all -  2 legged, fur and feathers - a very Merry Christmas, with special thoughts to absent friends and we hope that 2018 will be a far better one for us all.

Have a great time whatever you may be doing.

Lots of love, excited barks and sloppy kisses,

Pauline, Shadow, Ollie Bear and Thistle Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Entry number 1446

23rd December 2017

Paddy (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Subject: Our News

Top of the morning everybody!

My first real Christmas is coming up - I don't really understand what it is but Heather tells me there'll be pressies and a special dinner so that sounds good to me.

Now Mum tells me that our friends Eilidh and Jojo have a new arrival - a baby budgie called Tommy. Can Eilidh chase it like the squirrels? Mum says, "probably NOT". She's looking forward to a photo of Tommy.

We haven't got snow but it is so wet here - loads of mud and Mum is getting paranoid about muddy paws in the house.

Heather says we must wish everybody on 'scottiedoglovers' a very happy Christmas so here goes - bark, bark, bark to you all and Leo sends miaows.

Bestest of wishes, Paddy


Entry number 1445

23rd December 2017 (received evening of 22nd December)

Eilidh (with little paws being guided by Liz Storrie)

Subject: Our News

Hello everyone, Eilidh here!

Well, only three sleeps until Santa comes. Exciting!

Poor Heather, it is the same here beside us. The field behind us is having houses built on it as well. Mum is not too happy because we can see the sea from our garden but, as far as we can understand, there will be a park directly behind our row of cottages, so it may not be as bad as we think. I worry about Mr Fox and his family though - I do hope they find somewhere safe to live.

Our weather has been really mild and sunny for the past couple of days. Mum is hoping it stays that way. I like the snow to play in but I don't like walking far in it, especially when it freezes over - brrr!

Anyway, I am sure you are all wondering about our Jojo`s present from Santa. Well, yesterday morning a gentleman appeared at the door bearing a cage, complete with baby budgie. We have called him Tommy after Mum`s Dad. He is a pretty wee bird, small but, boy, he has a very healthy pair of lungs on him. Jojo is very taken with our new brother. So am I, but I would never admit it!

Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody, stay safe XXXXXXXXXXXX


Entry number 1444

21st December 2017

Dorothy Hankin

Subject: Christmas Greetings

To all fur babes, Mums and Dads at "scottiedoglovers", a Merry Christmas.

From Isla, Pipin and Mum Dorothy X


Entry number 1443

19th December 2017

Maureen Guthrie

Subject: Christmas Greetings

To all on Scottie Dog Lovers,

We wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas.

Love Dudley Bear and Maureen xxxx


Entry number 1442

19th December 2017

Marion Kimberley-Scott

Subject: Our Christmas message

Marion, Kyle and Roger (note the ‘pecking’ order) wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2018.

For us Christmas will be a quiet time, with Kyle making sure we get plenty of exercise, even if it rains or snows.

Thank you for all your many contributions which continue to enhance our little Scottie website.

Some of our animal friends are missing this Christmas and we shall remember them. Others have arrived, bringing their companionship to bring you joy.

Have a Very Happy Christmas

Marion, Roger and Kyle


Entry number 1441

18th December 2017

Barbara Tribe

Subject: Christmas Greetings

Barbara and Chris, Heather and Paddy and Leo would like to wish all on "scottiedoglovers" a very Happy Christmas.


Entry number 1440

9th December 2017

Elaine & Dave Hewitt and Scott

Subject: Christmas Greetings

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Entry number 1439

8th December 2017 (received evening of 7th December)

Paddy (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Subject: Our News

Top of the morning to all,

Big day today as Heather and I have been to Diane for a bath and a furcut. Mum really wanted me and Heather to stand nicely to show off our coats but, as we are Scotties, we only do what we want to do and Mum is going to have to wait to get the picture. Mum said, "Watch it, Paddy. Christmas is coming up and you both need to behave yourselves to get Christmas pressies". I did pose for one photo, before our furcut (see 'Heather, Paddy and Leo' slideshow) because Mum says I have super size paws!!

I have been very busy on squirrel patrol and major dashes down the garden when squirrel skips along the fence. I did find another hedgehog last week and, when I brought it in to Mum, he was covered in leaves and Mum said I must have dug him up but I never did. He was just walking about like that. Mum said, "Pigs might fly, Paddy". What a funny thing to say!!

The farm fields across the lane from where we have our walk have been dug up and it's a major building site now. Heather can't make it out as she used to like to watch the sheep but now she just stands and stares and can't understand what's happening. I'm too busy getting on with my walk but Chris gives me a bit of road walk practice down the lane beside the site when it's his turn to walk with me.

I wasn't too sure about carrots when I came to join the family but Heather has shown me how good they are and I sit beside her and munch away now.

I'm looking forward to Christmas here. Heather says we have a tree indoors but she warned me that Mum will go up the wall if I lift my leg round the tree! We shall see!!

Heather sends loads of girlie xxx - loud barks from me, Paddy


Entry number 1438

8th December 2017 (received evening of 7th December)

Jojo (with claws and beak being guided by Liz Storrie)

Subject: Slimline 'Eilidh'

Hello everyone, Jojo here!

Eilidh asked me to update you all. She was at the vet's today for her boosters and weight check. The good news is she has hit her target weight and is now a trim 8.8 kilos. Mum is delighted that all the extra walking and cutting down on treats has paid off. She also asked him to check out a couple of lumps, one on her side and one near her front right leg. The vet checked the one at her leg, drawing some of the contents out with a needle. Thankfully they are both benign fatty tissue. Mum was really worried about them after losing Macduff so recently, but it looks set to be a good Christmas here so, hopefully, no more vet visits for a year.

We hope that Eilidh`s successful weight loss will help Heather to continue with her diet.

So far we have no snow, but I think it will be a stormy night ahead. Mum asked Dad to take her to Asda on the way home so, if we do have bad snow, then she doesn't need to go out shopping again until Wednesday.

Well, eighteen sleeps until Santa comes. I know I am getting a special present this year but I don't know what. Eilidh told me it was something I will love and will probably arrive before the 25th. I can hardly wait, it is so exciting!

Oh dear, it is very tiring being a reporter. I think I need a snooze.

Love to everyone, with special cuddles for all Mummies and Daddies.


Entry number 1437

6th December 2017

Liz Storrie, Eilidh and Jojo

Subject: Christmas Greetings

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Entry number 1436

1st December 2017 (received evening of 30th November)

Eilidh (with little paws being guided by Liz Storrie)

Subject: Our News

Hello, Eilidh here!

Well, it is really cold here and has been for a week now. I need to have my coat on to venture out on my daily rambles. Mind you, we haven't had a lot of rain, touch wood. Just some lovely sunshine and some wind. Mum is hoping that the "white stuff" stays away. I can't understand that as I love the snow.

I'm having a bit of trouble writing this message tonight. Mum has got a new tablet and it is very confusing. It is easier to read though because it has a bigger screen. Jojo took one look at it and retreated to his cage. He promises to try it out soon though.

We have had a busy week here. The central heating system was serviced on Tuesday - belly rubs for me, lovely! Then, when we went out in the afternoon, Mary next door came out at the same time with Tasha so we all walked together. Ooh, it was nice walking with my bestest friend.

About three weeks ago Mum found a dead mouse in the kitchen - it was horrible! Anyway, she bought some 'medicine' and phoned the Housing Association. So today a nice man arrived and he checked the cupboard where the boiler is. He had to take some of the panelling down and discovered a large hole in the wall. That has been blocked up properly now. He has also blocked up a hole in the kitchen where the tumble dryer vent is. Here's hoping the little blighters get the message. We've left some 'medicine' in the cupboard, just in case.

Mum is off for lunch on Saturday with the girls. She really means the Golden Oldies. Sorry Mum, but you are hardly girls.

Nice to hear from the Tartan Terriers and Paddy and Heather. Hope you are all well and not too cold.

As promised in my newsletter at Entry number 1428 in October 2017 'Conversation', here is my special little Christmas tree which plays Christmas tunes - hope you like it!

Well, I have been up since 6.45 this morning and went straight out for my morning walk. I tried to tell Mum it was the middle of the night but I had to go, so please excuse me while I toddle off for a wee snooze.

Love, kisses and tweets to all, with special kisses for all Mummies and Daddies XXXXXX