Entry number 1491

10th December 2018 (received evening of 9th December)

Paddy (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Subject: Our News

Top of the morning to all!

We've had loads of rain down here and Mitzi and I really hate going out in the garden when it's wet. Mum has to push us out sometimes! She doesn't like all the mud we bring back in either.

I've had some good walks at the Donkey Sanctuary - Chris has to take me round and Mum goes halfway, as her leg isn't quite better yet, and then she waits for us to come round to meet her.

Yesterday Mum needed all the Christmas 'stuff' and it's all up in the loft. Chris has just had cataract surgery so he has to keep out of any dust so Mum said she had better do it. Chris got the ladder out of the shed for her, as poor old Mum couldn't lift it, and took it up to the landing and then I went upstairs and watched Mum climb up the ladder and lift out all the bags. Chris had to stay downstairs and keep an eye on Archie as Mum said, knowing cats, at the first chance he would be up the ladder too!

We're all looking forward to Christmas as it's Mitzi's first Christmas here and the first one for Archie too. Mum's wondering what Archie will make of the Christmas tree as he is very playful and likes batting things around. Of course, I was here last Christmas so I can take charge. I've told Mitzi that we have to be on our best behaviour as there's usually pressies for us and Mitzi was very impressed. I have to do my best and explain things to her.

That's all for now, Paddy - barks from Mitzi and purrs from Archie


Entry number 1490

8th December 2018

Liz Storrie

Subject: Christmas Greetings

Christmas Greetings - Please click on the card to view our message


Entry number 1489

2nd December 2018 (received evening of 1st December)

Eilidh (with little paws being guided by Liz Storrie)

Subject: Our News

Hi everyone, Eilidh here!

I am much better now and still enjoying my fish/chicken diet. Needless to say, Benji is getting the same.

Things have been very quiet. The weather hasn't been too good - it's been cold with loads of rain. I hate walking in the rain, even with a coat on, but Benji, typical boy, doesn't bother. He even plods straight through puddles. Unlike Macduff, he will wear a coat. He looks smart in his green jacket.

Benji continues to settle well. Mum says it would take a bomb and the SAS to get him moved out. Secretly I really like him but keep that to yourselves, please.

We were out shopping in the car with Dad last week. We went to his house for a wee visit. Benji sniffed every inch of the house and the garden. Mum is going for one of her 'girlie' lunches (I use the term 'girlie' very loosely) on December 15th, so we will be spending some time with Dad. We always get lots of treats, much to Spoilsport's annoyance. Mind you, because little bro' is watching his figure, we are getting chicken or scrambled egg as treats. Better not complain!

I am going to the dreaded vet next month for my booster. Benji is going too, but he's getting some dental work done, so we'll be leaving him. Mum's going to be really upset but we will get him home the same day. He looked after Mum very well when I had to stay overnight.

Well, must get all settled for 'Strictly' - it is a ritual here.

Love and kisses to all XXXX