Dorothy Nation lives happily in the land 'Down Under' with her family and treasured pets;  Zahli, a Lhasa Apso dog and Dandy, a Cockatiel bird, give the family many hours of joy and plenty of laughs. They are Dorothy's inspiration a lot of the time, for writing poems and short stories. Dorothy has always found jotting her thoughts on paper and giving love to creatures of all kinds, to be very good therapy.    

Editor's note - Dorothy has also written 'Robby - A Scottish Terrier' which appears in 'Stories'


© Dorothy Nation 2010

A Beary Good Life

That ragged and tattered mop-like bear

With eyes that seemed to look everywhere,

Thought he’d play among the roses,

Doesn’t he know, roses scratch noses?


Mittens the kitten said “Come play with me.

I’ll give you lots of honey for tea.”

They ran and they tumbled, they rolled in the dirt,

Ted never imagined that he would be hurt.


The cat, its tail it started to swish,

It frightened the bear when it let out a hissss.

In teddy’s eye there appeared a big tear,

Mittens had scratched and chewed at his ear.


Zahli cried out “Oh! You silly wee bear,

Come here with me, of you I’ll take care!”

That ragged and tattered mop-like bear

Was lifted up high and Dandy was there.


While chatting they laughed, as Dandy, his words he did muddle,

They shared honey buns & then a big cuddle.

This was the most fun teddy had in the day,

Together, forever, the three friends would stay.


I Have This Friend

Do you know this Staffy? His name is Billy B.

He’s a really friendly doggy and he takes good care of me.

Billy looks so cool and hunky in his Dogmani suit,

And he drives the ladies crazy when he’s waving from the Ute.

He’s tried all kinds of hobbies, from the circus to ballroom dancing,

He’s a guitarist in a band; shame his singing needs enhancing.

When scary things occur - to cope with, he’s not able,

You’ll find him crouching - hiding, beneath the dining table.

To know this charming pooch, it is my utmost pleasure.

Best friends we will stay - next week, next year ...forever!


It’s The Puppy In Me

You should be on your mat

When your mum is getting tea,

But I creep right up behind her

And she stumbles over me.

When the doorbell rings

You should sit and calmly wait,

So I barge right past them all

And I’m heading for the gate.

You can’t walk through the garden

You’ll flatten all the plants,

So I jump right in the centre

And begin my little dance.

When you are out walking

The duck poo you should leave it,

So I gobble it all up

And on the carpet I do heave it.

I like to push the boundaries

Just to see how far I’ll get,

I know I should be really good,

But I’m not grown up yet!