Entry number 1454

19th February 2018 (received evening of 18th February)

Heather (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Hallo everybody, Heather here!

Today started off really well as I nicked Paddy's last biscuit at breakfast - wasn't I naughty! He was so busy watching the squirrel while he ate his breakfast, he forgot to keep his eye on me. Anyway, he's had my last biscuit many a time so fair's fair. When we get up in the morning we have to go up the garden for a comfort break and then come in for a Dentastick before we have proper breakfast. I eat mine right away but Paddy takes his down the other end of the kitchen, sits down and guards the Dentastick. When I've eaten mine I go and stand in front of him and he gives friendly growls but I'm not allowed to pinch it. He sits there until Mum says, "For goodness sake, Paddy, hurry up and munch it up, you're causing aggravation" and then he eats it quick.

We went for a good walk at Salcombe Hill yesterday as it was a lovely day. Chris went off with Paddy for a longer walk and I pottered down the lane with Mum. When we got to the path to go across the field, I didn't want to go that way - I wanted to go up the drive to the big house. Mum said, "No, Heather, that's somebody's garden", but I wasn't having it and had another try at going up there. Mum still wouldn't let me go there so I just sat down on the grass and refused to budge! Everybody was coming past us and saying to Mum, "Poor little soul, is she too old to walk too far?" I think Mum was feeling a bit annoyed!! Then Chris and Paddy came back and Mum took Paddy off for another walk and I went off with Chris to the car park. I trotted along really smartly then, just to show people that I could walk perfectly well.

We like your toadstools, Eilidh - I'm sure you must have fairies living there. If you have a fairy tea party, please could I come too? Paddy says I'm just being daft and that's what Oliver used to say too. Must be a boys thing!

Lots of xxx from Heather and barks from Paddy


Entry number 1453

11th February 2018 (received evening of 10th February)

Eilidh (with little paws being guided by Liz Storrie)

Hello everybody, Eilidh reporting in!

Well, Mum is on the mend after her fall on black ice three weeks ago. Her knee was a wonderful colour - black and blue, she says. Surprisingly, it wasn't too painful for her but she did hurt her right side quite badly. It didn't bruise but was very painful. She was forced to go to the doctor on Monday. He gave her paracetamol tablets and spent the rest of the appointment talking about me. I think she was a bit peeved! Anyway, she is back to normal now. In one way it's not so good because she can chase me now when I am naughty.

Tommy is settling in well. We think there is a touch of Jack Russell in him. His favourite toy at the moment is the stalk from his millet spray. Mum always cuts the stalks off for him and Jojo to play with. Tommy throws his about the cage. It is funny to watch him because the stalk is long and he will insist on trying to take it up onto his perch. Silly boy!

How thoughtful of you, young Paddy, to bring your Mum a hedgehog as a present. I don't know how you can pick them up. We hope you are not missing Leo too much. Give your Mum a huge cuddle from us, and Chris too.

We have enclosed a couple of photos from the garden.

Eilidh checks the toadstools

Poppies and toadstools

I had to supervise Mum to make sure that the poppies and the toadstools were put in properly - only kidding Mum! We have also bought a standard lilac bush. Mum says that is her absolute favourite plant. We will send more photos when it flowers.

Well, I have had a long walk this afternoon and had my dinner, so I think forty winks is in order. I hope that your weather hasn't been too bad. It has been really cold here but we have had lots of sunshine and, thankfully, the 'white stuff' has stayed away.

Love and sloppy kisses to everybody, with tweets and whistles from Jojo and Tommy


Entry number 1452

5th February 2018

Marion Kimberley-Scott

Subject: 'Leo' Tribe

We have received the very sad news from Barbara Tribe that 'Leo', her beloved cat, and companion to 'Heather' and 'Paddy', the Scotties, went to Rainbow Bridge earlier today. (see Entry number 1451 below). Our love and thoughts are with them all at this very sad time.

Barbara has written:

"Sadly, on 5th February 2018, our dear little Leo went to Rainbow Bridge,

to join his beloved Oliver.

Love you always, Leo. Xxx"




Dorothy Hankin

6th February 2018

Thinking of you all.

Love Dorothy xxxx




Pauline Leigh

6th February 2018

Dear Barbara, Chris, Heather and Paddy

Pauline and the Tartans send you our heartfelt condolences for the sad loss of Leo.

May you take some comfort in knowing that Oliver was there to meet him at Rainbow Bridge.

We send you lots of love and hugs and the boys send you lots of woofs and loads of licks, Pauline, Shadow, Ollie Bear and Treacle Xxxxxxxxxx




Liz Storrie

6th February 2018

Dear Barbara,

We are so sorry to hear about lovely Leo.

Thoughts and prayers are with you, along with lots of Eilidh cuddles.

Liz and Eilidh XX




Elaine & Dave Hewitt

6th February 2018

Dear Barbara,

Our condolences to you all.

We are thinking of you at this sad time.

Elaine, Dave and Scott




Maureen Guthrie

7th February 2018

Dear Barbara, Chris, Heather and Paddy,

Sending our sincere love and condolences on the loss of your beloved Leo, who you loved and cared for until you said goodbye.

I'm sure Oliver and Jazz will be waiting at Rainbow Bridge to welcome Leo back to the fold and, once again, they will all be together, as before.

Love and kind thoughts, Maureen and Dudley Bear xxxx


Reply to responses:

8th February 2018

We would like to thank everybody, including those with 4 paws and our feathered friends, for their very kind messages on the loss of our dear Leo.

No doubt there are high jinks going on at Rainbow Bridge now the three are all together again.

Barbara and Chris, Heather and Paddy xx


Entry number 1451

3rd February 2018 (received evening of 2nd February)

Paddy (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Subject: Our News

Top of the morning to all!

First of all, our dear little Leo (the CAT) has been very poorly and had to spend a day with Sandra, our vet, on a drip. His heart rate was slow and he hadn't been eating so had lost weight quite quickly. He has got much better but Mum says he's not out of the woods yet. Don't quite understand that as he hasn't been in any woods as far as Heather and I know.

Anyway ..... I could see Mum was upset so I thought, "What can I do to cheer her up?" I pottered about the house and then I thought, "Aha, I'll find her a present in the garden." So off I trotted up the garden in the dark and - guess what I found? A really BIG hedgehog. It was a bit tricky to pick him up as he was a real mouthful but I managed it and proudly carried him into the kitchen and popped him down in front of Mum. Well, she was really surprised and said, "Thank you, Paddy - what a lovely surprise." Then she rolled him up in a towel and took him back up the garden and I had to stay indoors. I did feel a bit disappointed but she made a lot of fuss of me when she came back in and said she didn't feel so upset then. Heather told me she was very proud of me for being so thoughtful.

Heather and I had our furcut and a bath last week and came back looking very smart but Heather has done a lot of rolling in the mud and I've done lots of racing through the mud so Mum says she is at her wits end with all this rain!!

Barks to everybody and xxx from Heather - Paddy