Entry number 1506

1st February 2019 (received 31st January)

Mitzi (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Subject: Our News

Hallo everybody,

We have all our paws crossed for good results when you have another test, Holly. We enjoyed looking at the photos of Mac and Bessie - what lovely doggies and Mum says the scenery looks so beautiful too.

I am being very brave using the computer as Paddy says he can do it so I must do it too! I was also very brave the other day, too - I get in a panic when Mum tries to put the lead on me so for a long time I have been learning to play with it and now I sit and watch Paddy having his lead put on. Then, a big step forward, I let Mum fix the lead on my harness and, although I didn't panic, I found my legs wouldn't work so I just stood there. Mum fed me some of my favourite sprats and I managed about FOUR steps then I got in one of my panics so Mum took it off and said that we will leave it for a while and then have another try when I feel brave again. Paddy keeps boasting he does power walking with Mum now her leg is better.

Me in ‘panic mode’

Paddy says we may have lots of snow today and it's great fun to play in it. We had just a little snow over the top of the ice yesterday and I found it made my feet too cold and I was glad to get back indoors!

I think I've had enough at the computer now.

Barks from Mitzi and Paddy and purrs from Archie