Poems by Gwenda Findlay - © Gwenda Findlay 2009.  Gwenda’s first poem ‘An Abandoned Tail!’ is her attempt at describing the feelings of an abandoned dog.  Gwenda has her own, much loved, chocolate Labrador, Ben and her daughter has a rescue dog, Turner (from the Dogs Trust Kennels at Kennilworth). Turner joined the family nearly 11 years ago and has been absolutely wonderful, and is thought to be a German Shepherd cross Greyhound.  

Updated 31st May 2012 - Sadly 'Turner' went to Rainbow Bridge on 29th March 2011 and 'Murron' went to Rainbow Bridge on 1st June 2011.  Two rescued Greyhounds, Holly and Harry, now have a forever home with Gwenda's daughter.


A Happy Tail

Emma was sad when she lost her job

She needed some company and thought of a dog.

She couldn’t afford a pedigree pup

So she went to the kennels to look for mutt.

She looked and she looked and she looked some more

Then she saw 'Turner' beside his kennel door.

She thought he was handsome, so she filled out a form

Then came back with her husband the very next morn.

“Isn’t he beautiful?” she said to Drew

Who totally agreed that this was so true.

With the home check done and the paperwork complete

He was theirs to bring home the very next week.

Before the big day came we went out to buy

Everything we saw for this special guy.

A bed, a bowl, a blanket too

Loads of toys – oh! and  something to chew.

On February 11th he came to stay

A bit strange at first but he soon found his way.

He was timid and shy and very nervous

But he wanted to get to know all of us.

Emma stroked him and spoke to him both day and night

And reassured him everything would be alright.

Now with nerves much calmer, he came out of his shell

With patience and love he did really, really well.

Now he has  no worries or fears

And has been one of our family  for more than ten years.

He has helped our Emma through good times and bad

When she has been happy and also been sad.

He is always there sitting by her side

It’s him telling her now “everything is alright”.

He gives her a paw and puts his head on her lap

Then closes his eyes and has a wee nap.

But if he hears a noise or a shout

He is up like a shot to check it out.

“Don’t worry mum there is nobody there;

I barked very loud and gave them a scare”.

He now goes to dog shows and wins lots of prizes;

He has lots of rosettes - all colours and sizes.

He also has won ‘Best in the Show’

Not bad for a rescue dog don’t you know.

He also has trained to be a 'Pat Dog'

And loves people to give him a great big hug.

So this has been 'Turner’s Tail' of joy

Isn’t he such a lucky boy?


An Abandoned Tail!

Abandoned, frightened, all alone

Nothing to eat, not even a bone

No chews, no toys, I can’t find a ball

No bed, no blanket, nothing at all

They closed the door and walked away

I promise to be good I’ll sit and stay

I won’t bark or make a noise

I won’t frighten girls or boys

Now night is coming it’s getting dark

I wish I could go for a walk in the park

To run around, to sniff, and be free

But this is just a dream to me

It’s really really dark and cold

I’m a wee bit scared ‘cause I’m not very old

I’ll curl up in a ball and try not to shiver

And dream of a supper of biscuits and liver

Morning comes and I get up to see

If someone has come back for me

But no one is here, no one did call

Still nothing here, nothing at all

I wait and I wait then I hear a noise

Sounds like voices of girls or boys

He’s in there’ I hear them say

Come in and find me please make my day

The lady is kind and she wraps me up

In a warm blanket, ‘wow’ I’m a lucky pup

She feeds me a meal of biscuits and milk

And brushes my hair till its soft like silk

I’m safe here now till they find me a home

I love it here even got me a bone

People come, and people go past

But someone stops and looks at last

'My you’re handsome, you’re a lovely chap’

She bends down and gives my head a pat

I lick her hand and give her a paw

With tears in her eyes she turns and says ‘ awwh’

Today is the day that I go home

A house with a garden for me to roam

A bed, good food, a collar and lead

What more does a doggie like me need

We go for long walks, and trips in the car

We go for pub lunches, I sit in the bar

We go on holidays with Grandad and Gran

I just can’t believe how lucky I am

With dark days behind me my life just gets better

Now I must end this quite long letter

As I sit here at home with my new mum and dad

I think to myself what a lucky, lucky lad.


An Ode To Maxy Moo

I was lookin’ through my doggysnaps not so long ago,

When I came across a message from a dog I didn’t know.

He said, "Hello, I’m Maxy Moo, I would like to be your friend,

‘Cause I’m a chocy lad like you, my piccies I will send".

Now we got talking ‘bout the things us lads like to do,

Like eating, sleeping, snoring, and all things in general too!

The food we like, the treats we get, the places that we go,

And how we love the winter time, and playing in the snow!

I love to read your letters ‘bout your antics everyday,

And all the things that you do when you go out to play.

Like stealing Mummy’s washing and Daddy’s socks as well,

Where you hide them, they don’t know, and you’re not going to tell!!

When helping Mummy with her work you really are a scream;

Then pinchin’ loo rolls from upstairs, then fleeing from the scene.

When work is done it’s time to rest, and have a little sleep,

Then wake up just in time for tea - oh! and don’t forget a treat!

Well Maxy Moo, it’s nice to know, I’ve found a friend like you,

So keep the letters coming to stop me feeling blue.

I know I don’t live near to you, but we’ll maybe meet some day,

And have ourselves a game or two, ‘cause us chocy’s love to play.


Benjamin’s Tail!

My name is Benjamin and I’m a chocolate Lab.

I stay at home with Mum and Dad ‘cause I’m their choccy lad.

Born in a stable ten years ago, were my brothers and sisters and me!

We really were a healthy bunch, and as cute as cute could be.

The day they came to choose me, they couldn’t take me home,

‘Cause I was still too young you see, not ready yet to roam.

In the weeks I waited to be theirs, I got a lot, lot bigger;

I’m sure I must have been the most handsome of the litter!

I think it was at Easter time, my Mum and Dad came back;

They took me from my stable, and away from all the pack.

I did not cry or make a fuss when they put me in their car;

We were only going to Emma’s house - that wasn’t very far.

At Emma’s house I saw my bed - a great big cardboard box;

Filled with toys, a blanket too, oh! and one of Emma’s socks!

Then later on we said goodbye and got back in the car;

This time Mum said we really were going quite, quite far.

Well I arrived in Scotland, to a house I now call home;

They showed me round the garden, which is now my very own.

I have been such a lucky boy, and spoiled by everyone;

I’m very loyal and loving, a perfect doggy chum!

I’m a wee bit clumsy and knock things over, when looking for a toy,

But I’m just Ben, and I’m yours, a faithful choccy boy!


Garden Friends

"Feed the birds, Twopence a bag",

So the old song says - isn’t it sad?

Inflation is high and money is tight,

But please help our beautiful birds of flight.

The robin in Winter visits our garden,

But the frost and the snow makes the soil harden.

Nothing to eat, he relies on us,

To put out some food without any fuss.

He loves seed and mealworms too -

I think they’re his favourites between me and you.

The starlings eat anything, anything at all;

The bluetits they hang on the swinging seedball.

Our blackbird, he loves cheese, seed and fat,

And comes to the window and gives it a tap.

As if to say, "Morning is here and I need fed,

So please wake up and get out of bed."

The dunnock, the sparrow and wren are all brown;

The pigeons arrive from the centre of town;

To eat all the food and clear up the crumbs,

Of bread and biscuits, seed and buns.

Our birdbaths are popular, there is always a queue,

For a drink or a bath and a spruce up too.

Keep water topped up fresh and nice,

And remember in winter to keep away ice.

As Winter passes and Spring comes and goes,

Summer is here and as everyone knows,

Nests are built and eggs are laid,

In trees, in hedges, and boxes handmade.

Eggs are hatched and babies arrive -

This is the start of brand new lives.

Parents are busy - they fly to and fro,

Feeding the babies - helping them grow.

So help them out all through the seasons,

And don’t give them any reasons,

To leave our gardens sad and empty,

So fill the tables with food aplenty.

Now the babies have grown and Winter is near,

So don’t let them starve or be in fear,

That they won’t live to see next year,

To sing their songs and bring us cheer.

Whether in the sky or on the ground,

Please help keep our bird friends around.


Remember Them Too

They never had a choice,

The animals who were sent to war;

They never had a choice,

No papers did they fill in;

Never even got the “Kings Shillin'.”

They were taken to fields full of mud,

Covered in bodies, bullets and blood.

A far cry from their pastures green,

For most of them never again to be seen.

They struggled and toiled through gun fire and shells,

For these poor beasts the noise was pure hell;

But the horses, donkeys and mules laboured on,

Through rain and cold, mortars and bombs.

They moved heavy loads day after day,

And hoped to be rewarded with hay.

But food was scarce, not much about,

Very little water, sometimes a drought.

Still, they worked on and on till no more,

Their spirits were broken, their bodies so sore.

They lay down where they had once stood,

They had given all that they could.

So wear purple poppies to show that you care,

For all animals and birds everywhere;

Who work and labour for no pay,

Please remember them too, on Remembrance Day!

Editor’s Note:  The source of Gwenda's inspiration came from



The Doggit

Murron’s her name and we know she’s a rabbit,

But she has quite a peculiar habit.

She lives with a dog and thinks she’s one too,

But the big bunny ears should give her a clue.

If that’s not enough there’s her bunny bobtail,

And her nose that keeps twitching while she nibbles her kale.

She begs for a biscuit and walks to heel,

If she thinks you have something that might be a meal.

She lives in the house and not in a hutch,

And doesn’t care for straw or hay very much.

You may think this is all very funny,

But this is Murron - our giant bunny.

When trying to brush her she runs away;

“Don’t want to” you imagine hearing her say.

“I’ll do it myself when I want to groom”,

Then as quick as a flash she’s out of the room.

At night she’s on guard, she sits by the door;

Checks all are in bed, then she sleeps on the floor.

Outside our bedroom she lies just in case,

A burglar comes in and she has to give chase.

If 'Turner' gets up in the middle of the night,

She wakens her mama and gives her a fright.

He’s just gone for a drink, but she thinks she should tell,

Mama needs to get up in case 'Turner’s' not well.

She loves going out for trips in the car;

Anywhere at all, be it near or be it far.

To Scotland she travels for a holiday;

At Grandma’s house she comes to stay.

She’s Grandad’s princess, and she sits on his knee;

Just like the dog she thinks she should be.

When Grandad’s at work, she sits on his chair;

“Murron’s been here, I can tell by the hair”.

She steals Ben’s toys and sometimes his food;

She just helps herself whilst Ben thinks “How rude”.

“Don’t do that Murron”, but it is no good;

She answers “DON’T WANT TO” - she’s in a mood!!

(Turner is a German Shepherd X Greyhound and Ben is Gwenda's chocolate Labrador)