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Chocolate toxicity and the Scottish Terrier

We are often asked if it is safe to feed chocolate to dogs.  Our answer is No!

The information below has been obtained from various reputable websites and has been condensed to show the basics.  If you require more information please search the web using the phrase “chocolate toxicity in dogs”

Chocolate contains theobromine in small amounts and can generally be safely consumed by humans.  Dogs, however, metabolise theobromine much more slowly and this can lead to poisoning.

Generally a well-balanced male Scottie dog should weigh from 8.5 to 10 kg (19 to 22 lb) and a female from 8 to 9.5 kg (18 to 21 lb) and at these weights as little as one ounce of milk chocolate may have a detrimental effect.  If your dog has eaten chocolate and any of these symptoms are present, seek advice from your vet:

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A Tribute to Nellie Holland

A Tribute to Nellie - from Nellie Taylor - a friend, and a former Trustee of the Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme (STECS)

As I write this tribute, lots of treasured memories come flooding back and will remain with me forever.  

I first met Nellie in the mid-1960's at a dog show; we had both just started showing Scottish Terriers.  Over the next couple of decades Nellie built up a successful kennel and the Noonsun Scottish Terriers became world famous.

First and foremost Nellie was a breeder/exhibitor and an International Championship Show Judge.  She made up eleven UK Champions and her stud dogs were an impressive team in their day.  She judged at most of the UK major Championship Shows, including Crufts, and her many overseas appointments included Austria, America, Finland and Sweden.

Nellie was passionate about helping Scotties and their owners if they fell on hard times.  In l976 a meeting was held with like-minded breeders/exhibitors, and with the help from all the Scottish Terrier Breed Clubs giving monetary donations, the SCOTTISH TERRIER EMERGENCY CARE SCHEME (STECS) was founded, with Nellie elected Secretary.  With Nellie at the helm, full of enthusiasm, fund-raising started in earnest with supporters organising jumble sales, coffee mornings, treasure hunts - the list is endless.  Who could forget, in those early years, the garden party held in Joe and Nellie's garden? They opened up their home and garden for this event which was always a popular day in the fund -raising calendar.  An enormous boost came when, thanks to Nellie, STECS was granted charity status. Nobody could have envisaged in those early days how successful STECS would become, or how many of our four-legged friends would be given a better life.

The sudden death of Nellie on 29 September 2005 came as a shock to everyone.  She loved "all creatures great and small" to quote a line from a hymn played at her funeral.  

Her love of the breed never wavered - a unique lady, her enthusiasm, dedication and superb organisational skills contributed enormously to the success of STECS.  What a wonderful legacy she has left Scottish Terriers.

A bright light has gone out in the world of Scottish Terriers, and on a personal note Raymond and I have lost a very dear friend.  Nellie has left a huge void and will be missed enormously.

I am very grateful to Nellie Taylor for contributing this tribute.  If you have any special memories of the late Nellie Holland, and would like to share them, please email me.

Should you wish to know more about the Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme, further information is available at