Entry number 1370

31st January 2017 (received evening of 30th January)

Heather (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Subject: Our News

Hallo everybody, Heather here!

Goodness, Biskit, what a commotion in your garden. Does it smell awful as well? Have you managed to slip out and have a sniff and a bit of a taste of it? I know that's what I would be doing!

Mum says your poor Mum with her toe. We think she'd better bite the bullet and get something sorted with it.

We've had loads of rain too - in fact, on Sunday, we couldn't even have a walk - just a "quick, quick, run up the garden" - but today it's fine rain so Mum said we must have a walk, otherwise we'll all turn into couch potatoes!

I've been wearing my mac but Oliver just won't wear his. Well done, Biskit, escaping the 'yellow peril' jacket.

Back on the settee for another snooze now, I'm pretty good at scooping up the cushions and making a nest!

Love and xxx from me, Heather


Entry number 1369

30th January 2017 (received evening of 29th January)

Biskit (with little paws being guided by Anne Reynolds)

Subject: What A To Do!

Evening friends and Mummies,

Well, it's been raining today, very heavily, but I went out for my morning walk before Mum could say "Jack Robinson" and put my yellow mac on! Dad had put my ordinary one on me and we were off!

This evening, in the dark, next door's sewer overflowed into our garden, back and front. The Water Board decided they might come out 2 hours later. Anyway, they are still here. It's 9.30 p.m. and Mum is worried they may have to tread dirty, muddy shoes through her extension which has just had new lino laid. Ours is a happy house, ours is. It's worse because she can't do much with her bad toe, which is getting her down, and the weather is so cold as well. It's going to get worse as the Water Board are back on the 'phone now, Dad's back out the front and Mum's had to get him. Oh heck, I think I will get my head down and close my ears in case somebody says something that little boys should not hear!

Hope you all have a better evening than us. Will keep you informed of the outcome - paws crossed! Oh no, Dad says there will be a machine outside tonight working.

Woofs from Biskit and kisses from Mummy Anne XXX


Entry number 1368

26th January 2017

Oliver (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Subject: Our News

Greetings one and all,

Pretty cold here mornings and nights but just don't think I'm going to wear one of those pesky coats. Think again, Mum!

We're sorry to hear, Eilidh and Macduff, that your Mum is having tooth problems. Mum says best of luck with the dentures, she's always cursing hers.

Also, Biskit, looks like your Mum is in the wars again. Sympathy for her toe - I'm very fussy about my feet and they have to be just right and very clean or I don't walk until I have got them clean.

I'm busy this week waking Mum up at 4.30 a.m. to tell her I want to go up the garden for a tinkle - I don't really but I want to check the garden as I'm pretty sure there's a badger out there. Mum has to come out with me with a torch and, although we can't see one, there's a pretty strong smell and Mum thinks he is ferreting along the embankment, on the other side of the fence, looking for food in this cold. I know I'm not the most popular Scottie getting her up in the early hours but a Scot has to check these things out.

Hey, Dudley, that's a nifty way of sleeping - must give it a try.

That's all the news for now - Heather looks pretty girlie in her coat!

Barks from Oliver and xx from Heather


Entry number 1367

26th January 2017

Biskit (with little paws being guided by Anne Reynolds)

Subject: My News

Hi everyone,

Just had an idea. Do you all think this could be my Mum's red fox from the field?

I found it when I came downstairs on Christmas Day.

I am waiting for the call to go for my bath with Chelsey, ugh! I hate soapy bubbles but Mum is proud of me when I am white and fluffy. Trouble is the dirt seems to be attracted to me because I am white.

Love to all mummies with licky kisses from Biskit


Entry number 1366

25th January 2017

Dorothy Hankin

Subject: 'Scottie Angels'

Hi all,

I got these goodies yesterday, Scottie Angels books, written by Ann Hart Billingham (who has written other Scottie books) the proceeds of which go to the Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme (STECS).

Angus and Rocky are in book two - something to treasure.

I loved Dudley's photo - my two won't wear a rug!! I did wonder Maureen, was that your Shona in book two? Don't know if you've got your book yet Mo.

I asked Patch Wheatley to paint me an original of what I wanted and he does memory stones as well and my Scottie Angel brooch.

Dorothy, Isla and Pipin


Entry number 1365

23rd January 2017 (received evening of 22nd January)

Biskit (with little paws being guided by Anne Reynolds)

Subject: My News

Hello friends,

I have just been reading your newsletter, Eilidh.

Your poor Mum, she must have been in agony with that nasty tooth. I hope you have given her lots of licky kisses to make her feel better. I bet she will be glad when all the palaver is over. My Mum says she feels for her.

I haven’t worn my new yellow mac yet because the weather isn’t wet enough ... but I can see it on the little table, as if it's watching me!

Heather, the glamour girl, showing off her new mac. How clever your Mum is to make you that.

I think all of our Mummies are having problems. My Mum has a bad little toe now and has to have it seen to before long. She says she is all of a 'doo dah’ about it, whatever that means.

Dad messed the shopping up again yesterday. Mum said he got fed up at one point, so he gave in. He brought the wrong food for Willow - used his own initiative, he told Mum!

Well everyone, it's time I helped get the supper. Write soon.

Love to all Mummies and hugs from Mum - Biskit X


Entry number 1364

23rd January 2017 (received evening of 22nd January)

Dudley (with little paws being guided by Maureen Guthrie)

Subject: Hide 'N' Seek!

Hello everyone - 4 legs, 2 legs, with fur and feathers, Mums and Dads, Dudley Bear here!

Today l could hear Mum calling me, "Come on, Dudley, you little rascal. l know it's cold but it's time for your walk". l could hear her coming up the stairs. She caught me having 40 winks, as you can see, my favourite position, upside down.

Mum came in holding the coat (rug, l call it). "It will keep you nice and warm", she said. Trouble is it slows me down chasing squirrels.

Having my fur cut on Tuesday, so the dreaded 'rug' l shall have to wear until forever - well, until it gets warm again. Will show you my new fur cut soon.

Lots of love, Dudley Bear xxxx


Entry number 1363

20th January 2017 (received evening of 19th January)

Eilidh (with little paws being guided by Liz Storrie)

Subject: Our News

Evening all, Eilidh here!

Don't be disappointed about the lack of snow, Biskit. We have only had one very slight covering of snow this year, so far, anyway. It arrived overnight and was gone by late evening. Our weather has been really weird this year. Some really cold weather, a bit of rain, some gales, some mild days and some really sunny days.

We love your mac - even Macduff admired it. I really like the colour - I can just see myself in it. Not too sure Mum would look  good in it though - don't tell her I said that.

Oh my goodness, Oliver, Mum thinks you must be related to our Macduff. She was giggling about your antics walking with a coat on. The thought of it being tucked into your knickers really set her off. She thought only our boy behaved like that. If your Mummy is on Facebook, get her to look up a site called "All Things Dobby". Dobby lives in the USA with his doggie brother and sister. They are all Italian Greyhounds rescued from puppy mills. Because they feel the cold a lot their Mommy has lots of outfits for them. Some are very fetching, but Macduff doesn't agree. If Oliver could look at it he might realise that wearing a coat in the very cold weather isn't that bad. Mind you, it didn't work on Macduff!

Our Mum has been in the wars this week. She has an abscess on her gum and has been in a lot of pain since Tuesday. It must have been bad because she didn't meet Aunty Jean on Wednesday for lunch. She went to the dentist today (Thursday) and came back with antibiotics. She nearly didn't go because her gums weren't so swollen this morning, but it seems the abscess has actually burst. She did say she had a vile taste in her mouth, but the dentist says there is still a lot of debris to clear, thus the tablets. She's back on the 30th to have 2 fillings, impression taken for a new denture and the tooth pulled - OUCH, MUM! Then back on 2nd February to see the hygienist and then back on the 3rd for her new wallies.

Anyway, enough doom and gloom. Almost time for our last neighbourhood patrol. Usually it is very quiet but sometimes we see Mr Fox out and about. He doesn't bother about us - just wanders off and hides until we pass by. We don't bark at him. I think he is really handsome and so does Mum. A lady round the back feeds him and last summer he brought his Mrs and babies to see her. I think it must have been his babies we saw in the field one day.

Big cuddles to all furries, Mummies and Daddies XXXXXXXXXXXX


Entry number 1362

16th January 2017

Biskit (with little paws being guided by Anne Reynolds)

Subject: My News

Hello Snow People wherever you are!

Hoping you had a good time in the snow and nobody got a black eye with a snowball. That’s sounds as though I am a little bit miffed. Well, I must tell the truth, I am. I never had any snow to play in - only blooming old rain to paddle in. Then I had to wear my mac, which I hate. Mum bought me a new one before Christmas for very heavy rain and Dad had one as well. Both of us will be dressed in yellow when we wear them. Mum says she has to fathom mine out - which leg goes where - that will be a catastrophe, I can tell you.

Thank you Macduff for asking about Mum. She has a nasty chest which makes her lose her breath in the very cold weather. Anyway, Dad is on shopping duty. Last week everything Mum put on the list was brought home packed tidily in the bag as well. This last week a few things appeared that were not on her list. I imagine she had fancied something and it never appeared - still in the shop she reckoned. She said to me, "Biskit, I think I will have to do a bit of on-line shopping and sort things out".

Of course, she can’t do much cleaning, weather being as it is, so that means she’s back looking for the red fox in the field ... zilch!

I must have a word with Barnaby. I haven’t heard from him for ages, although Jon says he’s growing a lot and eats lots of carrots.

Roger is asking us what we want to do about the web site. Mum says changes are coming all the time. She thinks it would be better for Marion and Roger do what they think is best for our web site. After all, if it hadn’t been for them with the web site we would never all have met. Mum likes Serif but says whatever is done it will still be ‘our  place’. What do you all think?

Love and hugs for all Mummies - Biskit  and Willow XX




Liz Storrie

17th January 2017

Anne - Get well soon - Please click here to view your card


Entry number 1361

15th January 2017 (received evening of 14th January)

Heather (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Subject: Our News

Hallo everybody, Heather here!

Oliver was such a naughty boy yesterday, I just wanted to tell you all.

We went off for our furcut and a bath on Thursday and Diane (groomer) said we were very well behaved for a change! Next day we had had a sprinkling of snow, which soon drifted away, but there was a piercing cold wind blowing so Mum said that Oliver must wear a coat today. Now Oliver hates wearing a coat but Mum insisted as she didn't want him to get a chill after a furcut. She tried his best fleece lined jacket but he wasn't having it so she got his red, black and white check jacket, which is a bit lighter, and put it on him. Oliver dragged his feet all the way to the car and when we got out for our walk he wouldn't walk - just SAT DOWN! How embarrassing is that?

Anyway, Mum was pretty sharp with him and he did a very slow walk for a while and made out he couldn't lift his leg for a tinkle so Mum undid the leg straps and buckled them back. He dragged his feet a bit more and then made out he couldn't manage to have a poo so, very frustrated by then, Mum rolled the back of the jacket back and tucked it under the waist strap and told Oliver in a loud voice that she had "tucked it in his knickers"! Then we met our friend with his two greyhounds, looking very smart in lovely quilted coats and knitted neck warmers. I said "Hallo" to them and lots of tail wagging but Oliver just sat and glared at them. All the way back to the car Oliver kept looking over his shoulder to make sure all the other dogs weren't laughing at him. Mum told him that he was a very naughty boy and the jacket was for his own good. I don't know why he is so silly - I wear my jacket every day and I feel like a little princess in mine. Mum said, "If you feel like a princess, Heather, you shouldn't keep rolling in the mud in it".

Anyway, we went to the Donkey Sanctuary today and Oliver won the day and didn't wear his jacket - silly old Scot!

Are you having lots of fun in the snow, MacDuff?

I'm glad you had a good birthday, Kyle. I would have liked to come to your party but Mum said it was too far.

xx from Heather and barks from grumpy Oliver


Entry number 1360

14th January 2017

Marion and Roger Kimberley-Scott

Subject: The website

As many of you may be aware, the way in which we browse the internet is constantly changing. Some years ago our only access was via a personal computer but today we may choose to do so via mobile phones and tablets. Web site creators now face the problem of building web sites that satisfy all users but to do so they must create web sites in 3 different sizes, taking into account the band-width (how much can be downloaded) available to those using mobile devices.

The software used to create scottiedoglovers has been designed by a very good company called Serif but Serif has now moved on to bigger and better things and will no longer provide updated programme information or fixes to new faults. For this reason Marion and I now need to consider how best to move forward.

If we ‘go with the flow’ and create a web site suitable for all then we need to obtain new software (don’t worry, we’re not asking for contributions) and then determine how much of our existing content to retain.

The questions for you, therefore, are should we stay as we are until we’re forced to move on because the software breaks down or should we move to new software now and re-build the site to accommodate all users? If we take the latter option then most historical slideshows will need to be left out. Current slideshows, i.e. 2016/2017 will remain.

Marion and I have always believed that this is ‘Your’ site and for that reason only we aim to provide content that pleases you.

If you have the time and are prepared to air your views we will be grateful for your response.

Thank you




Barbara Tribe

16th January 2017

I think it is important to move with technology. If, by changing, it means that more people can enjoy and interact with Scottiedoglovers, it can only be for the better.

It's a shame to lose some historical content but I'm sure we all have our own records to look at.




Pauline Leigh

16th January 2017

I view the website using a pc, Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy s7 mobile phone and I have no trouble viewing any section of the site from any of these.

So, my opinion is, if it ain't broke don't fix it.




Elaine Hewitt

18th January 2017

I tend to agree with Pauline Leigh, that if it is not broken, don't fix it. I also agree you have to keep up with the latest whatever, but sometimes we change just for the sake of it.




Liz Storrie

20th January 2017

Hi Marion

As long as I can get it on my tablet, I'll be happy with whatever you decide.


Entry number 1359

12th January 2017 (received evening of 11th January)

Macduff (with little paws being guided by Liz Storrie)

Subject: Our News

Hello everyone, Macduff here!

It was good to hear from our newbie, Archie. Eilidh and I puzzled long and hard about what `hurdies` could possibly be. After much deliberation we asked 'she who must be obeyed`. She has decreed that she thinks it is your rear quarters. She is not usually so polite - must be a New Years resolution or something!

Oliver and Heather - doggies after my own heart, only walking on your terms. Isn't it so much fun winding the Mummies and Daddies up? Mind you, we know when Mum gets that look in her eye it's time to BEHAVE. And 25 molehills - sheer heaven!

Biskit, please give Mummy Anne big cuddles and  kisses from us. Hope she is feeling better now.

Love the coat Dudley. Eilidh has an orange one which is waterproof. Being a girly girl she loves posing in it. I have one too which is khaki green. Mum reckoned it didn't look too way out for me, but I only deign to wear it if it is really wet or snowing.

Well, our weather has taken a distinct downward turn. Last night we had gale force winds. Our last walk was very short and quick! We were still awake at 2 a.m. Mum couldn't understand why the door to our flat was rattling loudly. Anyway, off she went to investigate and someone had opened one of the windows at the top of the stairs and the wind was blowing in good style. As you can imagine, Mum wasn't best pleased but she came in and got the steps and closed the window - very noisily, I have to say. Then peace reigned and we managed to get to sleep.

Needless to say Mum is not really in good humour today and the forecast for tomorrow is snow - she is really happy about that - NOT!

Anyway, it's almost time to brave the elements again. I think it will be a quick tinkle out front then back in again.

Love and kisses to all XXXXXXXXXXXX


Entry number 1358

6th January 2017 (received evening of 5th January)

Archie (with little paws being guided by Lorna Findlay)

Subject: My News

Dear Anne and Biskit

Thank you so much for your welcome - everybody's so nice round here!

It's smashing to see Dudley and Bonnie with their tartan coats on - you must shop at the same place my Dad does - he bought me an identical coat when I was tiny! Because I've got a really long body now, my Mum says it doesn't keep my 'hurdies' warm - I've got no idea what she's talking about! You can see from the photo how impressed I was when they first put it on me - I'm used to it now and love it in this cold weather.

We all had a lovely time over Christmas and New Year. I'm being walked loads because Mum says we've got to lose weight - so long as I still get my dental chew every day I'll be happy!

Anyway, barks to everybody for the moment and a Happy New Year to all.

Love from Archie and Lorna


Entry number 1357

6th January 2017 (received evening of 5th January)

Oliver (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Subject: Our News  

Greetings one and all,

Dudley's message and photo yesterday set Heather's heart all of a flutter and she was skipping round the room! She says he is her favourite pin-up - girls!

We did our walk with the molehills today and Mum counted them and there are TWENTY FIVE now. Of course, I had to check them all out and decide which one would be best to mark. Heather sniffs about them but they don't seem to be a scottie girl thing.

On the Bank Holiday Mum decided we would go to Otterhead for our walk. It's in the grounds of a demolished mansion and a chain of three lakes at the head of the River Otter. Well, Chris pulled into the car park and, boy, was it muddy. Mum said, "We can't put out the ramp for you to get out of the car", so Chris had to lift us out. Can you imagine how undignified that is with other dogs all watching? The walk wasn't muddy at all but Heather and I felt really annoyed so we decided we didn't want to do the walk and so we kept stopping for a tinkle and a sniff and then I would sit down every five minutes and clean my feet - I can't stand messy feet and I know cleaning my feet winds Mum up. After we got to the first lake Mum decided we'd all had enough as we wouldn't walk properly so were lifted back into the car and we sat on the back seat feeling decidedly grumpy.

We're sorry to hear, Biskit, that Mummy Anne hasn't been feeling very well. Bet you and Dad were kept busy with your nursing hats on.

Not long to dinner now - Mum says we're all on a strict diet now after all the Christmas treats - have to get on the scales soon after our furcut and a bath next week.

Cheers to all, Oliver


Entry number 1356

5th January 2017

Dudley (with little paws being guided by Maureen Guthrie)

Subject: Welcome 'Archie' and Happy New Year

Hello everyone - 4 legs and two legs, with fur and feathers, Mums and Dads,

Dudley here - Mum's mad moments are still with us!

She looked at me and said, "Right, Dudley, you're now 11 years old and must be feeling the cold (because she hasn't got fur and feels the cold)". Anyway, within a blink, a flying rug went over my head, with strings on it. Trying to make a dash for it, Mum grabbed me and got me in a wrestling hold and that was it, l was attached to a rug. Mum then admired it, saying, "They spelt your name right". l think she had my name on it in case she forgot who l was. Still, turns out my best Scottie friend, Bonnie, also has a rug with her name on it and when we go out together, as you can see, we don't look so silly, so off we go.

Keep you posted!

Lots of licks, Dudley Bear xxxx


Entry number 1355

4th January 2017

Biskit (with little paws being guided by Anne Reynolds)

Subject: Welcome 'Archie' and Happy New Year

Hallo Archie and Lorna,

Welcome to the Scottie site. It’s nice to have you on board, together with this motley crew. You are a pretty boy, Archie - how sweet you look in your photos.

We are all great friends and share lots of news, both happy and sad, and  a few ‘woes’ creeping in our letters sometimes. We have to have a moan now and again, the same as the Mummies.

Thank you to Marion and Roger for taking care of us and our ‘antics'.

By the way, my name is Biskit and my friend, who lives with me, is called Willow - he is a cat.

Thank you all my friends for all your news over the Christmas period. Ours was a bit quiet because Mum wasn't feeling too good.

It's a bit late but Happy New Year to everyone.

Love from Mummy Anne and a kiss for you Archie.

Biskit and Willow, love to all the mummies, woof, woof

Editor's note - correspondence re 'Archie' may be viewed in December 2016 'Conversation' entries