Entry number 1450

9th January 2018 (received evening of 8th January)

Paddy (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Subject: Our News

Top of the morning all!

I'm making everybody laugh as I have just decided I don't like the cold weather - I'd rather cuddle up in an armchair, like Heather does.

Even though it was jolly cold and windy, I had such a great walk on Sunday. We all went on the Salcombe Hill walk which is high above Sidmouth. I walked with Chris and we went off the track and down the hill, through the trees and then all the way round and met Heather and Mum coming straight up the track towards the top. Poor Heather only has little legs and Mum says we have to be gentle as she is getting old so she can't walk as fast as me. On our daily walk I do half the walk with Mum and Chris walks Heather and then we change over for the way back. Mum takes me for a really speedy walk and then I have to practice my walking to heel for a little while. I get fed up with that as I'm eager to rush about but Mum says it's not for long and it's important to be under control. Also I am having to learn that we don't bark at other dogs because that's not very friendly. I was very good on Sunday and we met all sorts of dogs and I was very well behaved, Chris said. When we got home I bagged the armchair and Heather said she'd just sleep where she had got to and went sound asleep on the carpet. Mum took a photo of us resting!

I do a quick whizz up the garden now and again when it's cold, just to make sure the squirrels don't get too settled and there aren't any rats to catch. Mum reckons they are all tucked up in their nests but I think I have frightened them all off and Mum said, "I hope you are right, Paddy". I have found a bit of time to bury some of my toys and then I have dug them up and brought them back indoors. Mum tells me off if I make too much mess indoors but Heather told me not to take any notice of that!

Bye for now, Paddy

PS Sorry I forgot, Heather sends xxx to everybody


Entry number 1449

3rd January 2018 (received evening of 2nd January)

Eilidh (with little paws being guided by Liz Storrie)

Subject: Our News

Hello everybody, Eilidh reporting in!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a sober New Year. We are sorry that we haven't been in touch sooner but we have had computer problems with our email.

Well, we had a very light covering of snow on Christmas morning, but not enough to roll around in, or play with snowballs. It has been cold, with rain yesterday afternoon and this morning.

I did really well with presents as you will see from our pictures. I wasn't too happy about posing with my new coat on but Mum insisted. I got my very own 'Azuki' - he is a bit too big for me to play with but he makes a great snuggle buddy. I also got a squeaky from Mylo and Tasha. Much to Mum's surprise it is still in one piece.

Tommy really enjoyed his first festive season. He got a treat which he loved. He may be small but, boy, can he pack the food away! Jojo got treats too and they both got toys with bells on them.

Well, young Paddy, was your first real Christmas as good as you expected? Or maybe a bit better? What a brave boy killing a rat. And you didn't take it into the house, that's really good. Oh, Mum says I don't chase the house birds. There have been birds around all of my life. But I do chase the birds outside, especially the pesky magpies when they knock on the kitchen window. We would love to feed them but Mum doesn't want to attract rats. We are concerned about the two pheasants who used to visit us. They haven't been here since the building behind us started. Hope they are OK.

Well, it's almost time for our afternoon wanders.

Love and kisses to you all, with tweets and whistles from the boys xxxxxxxxx