Entry number 1502

13th January 2019

Pauline Leigh

Subject: Welcome Yvonne Sparkes and 'Holly', the Scottie

Holly -

Well, hello there pretty lady and a big welcome to Scottie Dog Lovers.

Us boys here will be waiting to see more lovely photos of you in the near future.

Yvonne -

Welcome to one big happy doggie, birdy, cat (well, basically anything with 2 or 4 legs, fur or feathers) family.

We hope that you will enjoy being part of us.

Lots of welcome barks and licks - Shadow, Ollie Bear and Thistle - and PA Pauline xxxxxxxxx


Entry number 1501

11th January 2019 (received 10th January)

Maureen Guthrie

Subject: Welcome Yvonne Sparkes and 'Holly', the Scottie

Dear Yvonne and Holly, gorgeous Scottie girl,

Sending a big warm welcome to Scottie Dog Lovers.

Loved Holly's photos and looking forward to hearing all about her adventures.

Lots of love - Dudley Bear and Maureen


Entry number 1500

9th January 2019

Barbara Tribe

Subject: Welcome Yvonne Sparkes and 'Holly', the Scottie

A big welcome to Scottiedoglovers to Holly and her Mum, Yvonne.

Paddy, our Scottie boy, was pretty impressed at a beautiful looking Scottie girl and Mitzi, our Scottie girl, thought Holly was gorgeous.

What lovely photos, too.

Welcome barks from Paddy and Mitzi, purrs from Archie and love from Barbara xx


7th January 2019

Editor’s Note re Entry number 1499 (below):

The writer, Anita, is 'auntie' to  the Scottie (‘Holly’).  ‘Holly’s’  'Mum' is Yvonne Sparkes and Yvonne sends her thanks for the advice offered.  'Holly' is currently under-going tests by her vet to see if there is any underlying cause for her tummy problems.


Entry number 1499

3rd January 2019

Anita Mills

Subject: Scottie Tummy Problems

Hi there,

I have a beautiful Scottie dog with reoccurring tummy problems, usually about every couple of months. She has had numerous checks at the vets for Cushings - nothing has been found.

I’m wondering if this problem is due to a sensitive gut and if any other owners out there have had similar problems and how did you overcome it?

The vet generally gives her antibiotics and probiotics which seems to clear up the problem at the time.

Thanks in advance.




Marion Kimberley-Scott

4th January 2019

Hi Anita,

Welcome to ‘Scottiedoglovers’.

I have had many Scottish Terriers over many years and some of my dogs have had moments such as you describe.  I’ve always relied totally on my vet to come up with the best solution and so far this method has never failed.  I have to put my trust in the ‘experts’ and hope that, over time, the root cause is found and, where possible, treated.

You may wish to read a free book ‘Scottish Terrier Secrets’ which is available by clicking the highlighted text.  It’s a good read at 120 pages long.

We’d love to see a photo of your girl.

Take Care





Liz Storrie

6th January 2019

Hi Anita,

Welcome to Scottie Dog Lovers.

I no longer have a Scottie but still have my Jack Russell, Eilidh. She was recently quite unwell with a bout of pancreatitis. My vet recommended changing her diet to tins of Chappie, or chicken/fish with rice. I did that and she has been fine. Of course, you should check with your vet first.

Eilidh sends cuddles for your fur baby x




Penny Gutridge

6th January 2019

Anita - You might like to try (Dorwest) Tree Barks Powder for your dog's upset tummy (dose guided on the tub - via dog's weight) - but maybe its been tried already? As an aside, I have no link with Dorwest & no interest in promoting their wares. Just to say that Tree Bark Powder worked for my Rosie ...




Barbara Tribe

7th January 2019

Hello Yvonne

I've not had recurring tummy problems with my Scotties but I wonder (and I know it's rather tedious) if you kept a daily diary of food eaten, including treats, to see if some sort of pattern emerges?

Keep plugging away at the vets though, just in case a test suddenly shows a result.

Barbara and Scotties, Paddy and Mitzi