Entry number 1414

18th July 2017 (received evening of 17th July 2017)

Macduff (with little paws being guided by Liz Storrie)

Subject: Our News

Hello everyone,

Oh my days, it has been very hot here today. Eilidh and I have spent most of our time lying in the shade, especially me.

I have been giving our Mum a very wide berth since breakfast. I'm afraid the dog house has been in use again! I found a poor wee mouse lying out on the path. It was very cold and I thought  that Mum could help it to warm up, so I took Mr Mouse in to Mum and laid him at her feet. Well, once she realised what it was she went nuts. She said the mouse was dead. So I won't be getting my life saver badge today. Eilidh and I decided to make ourselves scarce for a while. Eventually Mum calmed down and the mouse was taken out and laid in the field. I won't try that again.

And don't let little Madam fool you either. She tried to eat some cat poo this afternoon. Luckily Mum was there and grabbed her. She got a stern talking to. I didn't laugh, well not much!

Anyway, things have been quite quiet here so I'm off for another snooze.

Love and kisses to you all XXXXXXXXXXXX


Entry number 1413

15th July 2017

Marion Kimberley-Scott

Subject: 'Oliver' Tribe (reproduced from the 'Latest' entry dated 14th July 2017)

We have received the very sad news from Barbara Tribe that her beloved Scottie, Oliver, went to Rainbow Bridge yesterday, just one week after his 12th birthday.

'Oliver' leaves such a big hole in the hearts of Barbara, Chris, Scottie companion Heather and Leo, the cat.

Our love and thoughts are with them all at this very sad time.




Dorothy Hankin

15th July 2017

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Elaine and Dave Hewitt

15th July 2017


Dear Barbara and Chris,

We are so sad to hear of the passing of Oliver.

We are thinking of you all and know Oliver will be sadly missed.

Please give Heather and Leo a big hug from us.

Elaine, Dave and Scott




Liz Storrie

15th July 2017

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Maureen Guthrie

15th July 2017

Dear Barbara, Chris, Heather and Leo,

l know your hearts must be broken at the sad and sudden loss of Oliver Moonbeam.

So glad l met the lovely gentleman.

Thinking of you.

All our love, Mo and Dudley Bear xxxx




Pauline Leigh

15th July 2017

Dear Barbara and Chris

We are devastated to hear the sad news of Oliver and send you lots of hugs and our thoughts are with you at this very sad time.

The boys send Heather lots of woofs and licks as they understand what she will be going through.

Lots of love, Pauline, Shadow, Ollie Bear & Thistle Xxxxxxxxxxx


Reply to responses:

19th July 2017

We would like to say thank you to Marion, Roger and Kyle, Dorothy, Isla and Pip, Elaine, Dave and Scott, Mo and Dudley Bear, Macduff, Eilidh, Jojo and Liz and Pauline, Shadow, Ollie Bear and Thistle, for your kind words of condolence. They mean such a lot.

Oliver is resting in the garden, under and protected by the Hazel tree.

Barbara and Chris, Heather and Leo xx


Entry number 1412

10th July 2017 (received evening of 9th July)

Heather (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Subject: Our News

Hallo everybody, Heather here!

First of all Oliver has asked me to say thank you to Isla and Pipin and Mum Dorothy for the birthday wishes. Oliver is finding it too hot today and is snoozing in the shade on the patio, so I've been lined up to send a message.

I had a nice walk with Mum this morning before it got too hot. It feels a bit special going on a one to one walk with Mum while it's too hot for Oliver to go out. We took the little lane towards the old rectory. There's very high hedges on either side so it stays really shady and at the end we can go on a lovely green with trees and seats and it is completely safe so doggies can't get out. I have to notice everything as Oliver likes me to tell him all about it when we get back.

That's a very smart cage, Jojo. I expect baby magpie came along to have a look at it. Two or three years ago Mum had a couple of crows who used to sit on the back door step and tap on the glass.

Going to join Oliver for a snooze now.

xx from Heather


Entry number 1411

8th July 2017 (received evening of 7th July)

Jojo (with beak and claws being guided by Liz Storrie)

Subject: Happy, happy birdie!

Hello everyone,

Oh, I am so happy that I had to tweet my special news!

There was a knock at the door yesterday and there was the man from the pet shop with a brand new cage for little old me. It was a huge surprise for me. Well, fifteen minutes later I was exploring my lovely new home. I LOVE IT.

Mum and I have been trawling the internet looking for one but we couldn't find anything we liked. She was in the pet shop last week and looked at the cages they use. She liked them and ordered one for me, they assembled it and delivered it for us. You know, she didn't breathe a word to me. It's not like her to be able to keep a secret like that. THANK YOU MUM X

You will never guess what happened on Wednesday afternoon. We were all watching TV when we heard knocking on the kitchen window. Mum went to see who it was and there was a baby magpie sitting on the window sill, tapping on the window. Mum went to see if he was all right, and he was - he flew off to find his mummy.

Macduff and Eilidh are having a wee snooze - no change there then!

Our weather hasn't been very good. There has been a lot of rain. It has been a bit better today, only one shower, so we managed to get our washing dry.

Well, I'm all tired out now folks, so love and kisses to all XXXXXXXXXXXX