Entry number 1471

10th July 2018

Paddy (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Subject: Our News

Top of the morning everybody!

Well, Kyle, what a brilliant job you have done gardening. Your Mum will be pleased you took a fuchsia cutting while you were busy digging. All us Scotties and four paws are proud of you.

I showed Mitzi and she said that she has been digging just like that here. Mum did find a few holes but we all have to be very gentle with Mitzi so she didn't get told off - I bet I would have been!

Mum is trying to take some photos of me and Mitzi but it is so hot we keep lurking in a shady spot indoors. Mum takes me out for a good run early each morning which I really enjoy.

Keep up the good work, Kyle.

Cheers from Paddy, xx from Mitzi and purrs from Archie




Kyle Kimberley-Scott (with a little help)

13th July 2018

Woof, woof, woof Paddy, Mitzi and Archie

Ta ever so much, Paddy, for letting me know just how impressed you all are with my gardening skills! Surprisingly, I didn't get told off for 'helping' either as Mum said it was good that at my age I felt well enough to do it (I'm 13 and a half years young now). I've also got my eye on a cucumber growing in the greenhouse which is low enough on the plant for me to reach - I do love a slice of cucumber!

It's been a busy time for me recently as a crack appeared in one of the ponds and my assistance was needed. Now that was fun - catching fish, frogs and toads everywhere, not to mention all the water and mud. What a help I was!

I'm busy on my morning walks as there seems to have been an increase in the bunny population. There's also a new neighbourhood cat visiting who seems to think it's alright to sit on my front door mat - I'll have to show it who's boss - grrrr!

For a mature Scottie I'm always ready, willing and able to 'lend a paw'.

Hope you three are all getting along and having a fun time.

Woofs and wags - Kyle XXXXXXX