Entry number 1474

31st July 2018

Liz Storrie

Subject: 'Macduff' Remembered

For all our absent friends - please click to view the card




Paddy (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

1st August 2018 (received evening of 31st July)

Mum showed us the remembering card for Macduff's first anniversary. Me and Mitzi and Archie would like to send special barks and purrs to Liz, Eilidh, Jojo and Tommy.

I had to explain it to Mitzi as she has lots to learn about things. I, of course, have been here for EXACTLY one year now and have learnt loads of things.

Cheers from Paddy


Entry number 1473

25th July 2018 (received evening of 24th July)

Eilidh(with little paws being guided by Liz Storrie)

Subject: Our News

Well, Mum and I are so sorry that we have been absent for a while now. We have had internet problems, but everything is working again, thank goodness.

We were so sad to hear about Ollie being so ill, but he seems to be recovering very well. We are all rooting for his full recovery.

And how is Mitzi settling in Paddy? I am sure you are being a wonderful brother and teacher for her.

And Kyle helping in the garden, clever boy.

Our garden is looking good at the moment. The lavender is in full bloom and the bees are loving it. I like to watch them flitting about gathering pollen. Our buddleias are just beginning to flower as well and there are lots of butterflies visiting too. We have a hollyhock which is huge - almost six feet tall. The flowers on it are almost out. Mum says they will be purple. I'll get her to take some pictures and let you all see them. We have a couple of Meerkat ornaments as well - one with two Meercats on a swing and another with two other Meerkats on a see-saw. I must try and steal the camera soon.

Tommy has a new cage - a bigger one. We bought him a new toy with three bells on it. Mum reckons it's like giving a wee boy a drum kit. He is a very noisy boy!

I am finding all this heat very tiring but I still manage to play a bit with Tasha next door. Mum went to the PDSA yesterday to re-register. We have to do that every year. Dad took me for a wee wander and I met a lovely Airedale Terrier. He reminded me of Teddy who used to live in Bonnyrigg.

Anyway, time for bed I think.

Love and kisses to everybody from Jojo, Tommy and Me xxxxxxxxx


Entry number 1472

24th July 2018

Pauline Leigh

Subject: Ollie Bear's Story

Many of you will be aware that the following signs and symptoms are indicative of liver disease in dogs, which Scotties are prone to:

For those of you that weren’t aware, please take note and don't be scared  because if it helps another dearly beloved fur baby, Mummy or Daddy, then mine and Ollie Bear's 3 week nightmare will not have been in vain.

This journey started in May, whilst on holiday, when Mick asked me if I had noticed that Ollie Bear had lost weight. I had noticed that Ollie felt lighter than Shadow, who is getting on in years and has always been what I call a 'chunky monkey' and Thistle, who has gone from puppy to adult and filled out and grown up.

On our return from holiday, Ollie Bear was due to have an operation on his wonky ear, for a haematoma, having whacked himself with a rope ball toy some months earlier. I mentioned the loss of weight so my vet took a blood sample whilst Ollie was there. The results were not good - his liver enzymes were reading 800 - the normal for Scotties is usually 300-350.

After recovering from the ear operation, Ollie went back to the vets for further tests for Cushings as this is also a possibility with the liver enzyme reading. We have had both Hannah and Polly with this, so I was not too scared at this prospect. This came back clear - phew, nice for Ollie Bear, but what was the next step? Further blood tests and a scan.

What happened next will stay with me forever. The scan had shown that he had a tumour on his liver – the only symptom out of the above list was weight loss. It was agreed to operate to remove it. Whilst the operation was taking place I received a 'phone call to advise that the tumour was attached to Ollie's gall bladder and aorta - "to remove it could cause loss of life on the table; we will stitch him up and send him home to live his last few weeks with his family".

Boy! please, never again.

Uncle Ted is a fantastic vet but thanks to his boss, Aunty Vicky (who decided to step in and have a go, having seen similar circumstances), has managed to remove 90% of the tumour and the results have come back that it is non-aggressive.  This means that one lucky Ollie Bear will now get to live a normal Scottie life, with liver supplements and regular check ups.

Ollie in his surgical vest, watched over by Thistle

I can’t thank Uncle Ted and Aunty Vicky enough for not just saving my boy's life but for giving us all the chance to enjoy some further years of joy, love and companionship.

So, keep a close eye on your babies and I really hope none of us go through this again.

Pauline, Mick & Ollie Bear




Marion Kimberley-Scott

24th July 2018

We are so very sorry to learn of Ollie Bear's recent medical problems but delighted, that after major surgery, he is doing very well and was able to enjoy his birthday on 19th July.

Well done, Ollie - you'll soon be strong enough to go on your holidays and have lots of fun with Shadow and Thistle.

Love and biggest hugs for you all.

Marion, Roger and Kyle




Barbara Tribe

25th July 2018 (received evening of 24th July)

We read all about you, Ollie Bear. What a worrying time for all your family and what a brave boy you are, Ollie.

You can have loads of fun with Shadow and Thistle now and we're sure there's extra cuddles from Mum.

Happy barks from Paddy and Mitzi and purrs from Archie and, of course, hugs and xxx from Barbara




Maureen Guthrie

29th July 2018 (received evening of 28th July)

Ollie Bear,

Sorry to learn you have been so poorly - thank goodness you are feeling much better now.

Sending you lots of love - Maureen and Dudley Bear XX


Entry number 1471

10th July 2018

Paddy (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Subject: Our News

Top of the morning everybody!

Well, Kyle, what a brilliant job you have done gardening. Your Mum will be pleased you took a fuchsia cutting while you were busy digging. All us Scotties and four paws are proud of you.

I showed Mitzi and she said that she has been digging just like that here. Mum did find a few holes but we all have to be very gentle with Mitzi so she didn't get told off - I bet I would have been!

Mum is trying to take some photos of me and Mitzi but it is so hot we keep lurking in a shady spot indoors. Mum takes me out for a good run early each morning which I really enjoy.

Keep up the good work, Kyle.

Cheers from Paddy, xx from Mitzi and purrs from Archie




Kyle Kimberley-Scott (with a little help)

13th July 2018

Woof, woof, woof Paddy, Mitzi and Archie

Ta ever so much, Paddy, for letting me know just how impressed you all are with my gardening skills! Surprisingly, I didn't get told off for 'helping' either as Mum said it was good that at my age I felt well enough to do it (I'm 13 and a half years young now). I've also got my eye on a cucumber growing in the greenhouse which is low enough on the plant for me to reach - I do love a slice of cucumber!

It's been a busy time for me recently as a crack appeared in one of the ponds and my assistance was needed. Now that was fun - catching fish, frogs and toads everywhere, not to mention all the water and mud. What a help I was!

I'm busy on my morning walks as there seems to have been an increase in the bunny population. There's also a new neighbourhood cat visiting who seems to think it's alright to sit on my front door mat - I'll have to show it who's boss - grrrr!

For a mature Scottie I'm always ready, willing and able to 'lend a paw'.

Hope you three are all getting along and having a fun time.

Woofs and wags - Kyle XXXXXXX