Entry number 1410

28th June 2017 (received evening of 27th June)

Eilidh (with little paws being guided by Liz Storrie)

Subject: Our News

Hello everyone,

Macduff is sleeping off his dinner so it's my turn to send a message.

Oliver - Mum says thank Heather for the tip about the foxgloves. The garden has been taking a back seat for the past few weeks. Jamie and Scott are still using weed killer to clear the weeds away. Mum wants to wait before she plants any flowers. Mind you, she was eyeing up some thistles in the field this afternoon. I think she is going to relocate a couple of them. Hope she doesn't take us with her!

There is no living with my brother at the moment. We walked past the garage yesterday morning - remember the Aston Martin? Well, this time it was a Lotus, a blue one. Mum wasn't best pleased.

Jojo has asked me to tell you about our friends cockatiel. His Mum forgot the window was open and he escaped. She posted on Facebook and after a week decided that she had lost him for good. She was hoping that somebody had found him and taken him in. She was very upset and her hubby bought her another birdie. A couple of days later she got a phone call from someone who had found her wee bird, so he is now safely back home with a new brother. Ooh, I do like a happy ending!

It has been very hot here. It is much cooler today, in fact we had a lot of rain this morning, but it has cleared up a bit now.

Have you all seen the advert for Royal Bank, the one with the Scottie in it?

Anyway, I think I need to have some ZZZZZZ`s.

Love to everybody. Special kisses for Oliver and Heather XXXXXXXXXXXX


Entry number 1409

27th June 2017 (received evening of 26th June)

Oliver (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Subject: Our News

Greetings one and all,

Like me, I expect all you Scotties and family members are glad all that heat has gone. Gosh, I did get puffy, even with my cooling mat and fans on all over the house. Much more comfortable now.

I've been along for a furcut and a bath too. Sandra, our vet, said I would be OK so Heather and I went off to Diane, our groomer. I thought I would wind Mum up a bit when we arrived so I walked up the drive very slowly and then laid down on the doorstep and shut my eyes. I opened one eye and saw Diane and Mum looked worried so I just gave a yawn and got up. Heather said I was very naughty worrying everybody. I took a carrier bag with me with my packed lunch, as I have to have regular meals, and some extra biscuits in case I got 'the shakes' and some as a treat for Heather.

I've also been along to the Donkey Sanctuary as well. I can't walk very far so I stayed with Chris on a seat to watch the donkeys and Mum and Heather went off for a walk.

Heather says I must remember to tell Eilidh that she should have some foxgloves in her garden as they are an invitation to fairies to visit the garden. Sounds like a load of rubbish to me but Mum and Heather say it is true.

Checking the clock, I must tell Mum it's snack time!

Barks from Oliver and xx from Heather


Entry number 1408

8th June 2017 (received evening of 7th June)

Macduff (with little paws being guided by Liz Storrie)

Subject: Our News

Good afternoon everybody, Macduff reporting in!

Well, Oliver, a cool mat. How exciting! I'm sure you are sharing it with Heather. I don't like really hot weather either. I usually lie in the shade outside or on the concrete floor in the kitchen. At night I lie in the bedroom, underneath the window. It is nice and cool there.

Oh my goodness, what a day it was yesterday. It was raining in the morning and we got drenched on our walk. It rained in the afternoon and we got soaked again! But when Mum got ready to take us out at 10pm, well, enough was enough. The rain was torrential and water was gushing down the road. Eilidh and I just parked our bottoms and refused to move. I think that secretly Mum was quite pleased. She was still drying out her jackets from previous outings. After about half an hour the rain eased off a little and we deigned to go out into the garden to do our business.

Thank goodness it is much nicer today. Sunny, but a tad windy. I disgraced myself this morning. As all good Scots and all other canines know, there is nothing better than watering the wheels of parked cars. There is a garage just down the road so Eilidh and I are always spoilt for choice as their car park has no fence. Well, guess what was sitting there this morning? A lovely, shiny, expensive, red Aston Martin sports car. Mum was mortified when I watered the wheel. It was very satisfying indeed. I did get a row, but it was well worth it. Well, it's dinner time for us, so I'll have to love you and leave you. Then we shall inspect the garden. Jamie has been to cut the grass so we'll have to check that he has done a good job.

Hope everyone is well and that Oliver is recovering from his operation. Please take good care of him, Heather.

Love and kisses to all, Mummies and Daddies too XXXXXXXXXXXX