Entry number 1519

14th June 2019 (received evening of 13th June)

Eilidh (with little paws being guided by Liz Storrie)

Subject: Our News

Hello everybody, Eilidh here!


Well, what a week I have had. Mum took me to the vet on Monday afternoon. I'd been licking at one of my front paws on Sunday. Turns out I have a cyst between my toes. The lady vet said she would have to drain it. Luckily for me the cyst 'popped' while she was looking at it. I was so relieved. I had visions of knives and all sorts. Mum assured me that only a small needle would have been needed. So I came home with two lots of tablets and a scrub to keep my foot clean.

It was a lovely day here on Monday - really warm and sunny - but Tuesday, Wednesday and today have been really wet and windy. The house looks like a Chinese laundry with Mum's jackets, our coats and leads hanging up to dry out. We've only been going short walks because of the weather and my poorly paw.

My brother though was out socialising while I was suffering at the vets. Dad took us in the car and took Benji for a walk. It is a nice street with grass verges and lots of trees - just perfect for boy dogs to piddle! Anyway, he met a girl Cairn with her Mum and made friends with her. Even walked a bit with them, but he has decided that Tasha next door is his special girl.

Well Paddy, we are so pleased that Mitzi is now going walking with you. Once she gets used to being out and about she will love it. I still don't like loud noises when I am out, but Benji barks and scares all offenders. Mum says I am better with noises now since he came along. Look after her and protect her.

Anyway, Judge Rinder will be on soon, I love watching him.

Love and kisses to all, hope the rain stops soon, Eilidh, Benji, Tommy and Elsa xxxx


Entry number 1518

11th June 2019

Paddy (wuth little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Subject: Our News

Top of the morning everybody!

This is my bestest ever news - Mitzi comes out for a walk with me now. Now her tummy has all healed up, she doesn't seem frightened of the lead any more. Well, we do have little panics when we are out on the lead as she gets in a sweat if there's a loud noise and she really doesn't like getting near men but mostly she trots along with Mum. Just to be safe Mum has her on two harnesses and leads. We are still going on quiet walks but she has made friends with a Greyhound and a Westie.

Today and yesterday evening have been VERY wet and windy. In fact I couldn't even go out in the garden last night as I do hate getting wet so I just crossed my legs all night and rushed for the door this morning. Mitzi was alright as Mum has an emergency 'tinkle mat' for her in case of panic attacks but I am a much too big boy to use that.

Here's hoping for a drier day today.

Barks from Paddy

PS Mum says I am a naughty boy as my favourite game at the moment is jumping on top of Archie when he is asleep on the settee. Mum says he doesn't find it very funny and I must look out for a swift left hook from him!!