Entry number 1459

30th March 2018

Eilidh (with little paws being guided by Liz Storrie)

Subject: Easter Greetings

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Entry number 1458

25th March 2018 (received evening of 24th March)

Heather (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Subject: Our News

Hallo everybody, Heather here!

Lots of excitement here as we have a new member of our family.

 Archie is a Ragdoll cat and will be three on 27th May.

He is a rescue and was found in the dark and cold in very distressing conditions, Mum said. He has been with a foster carer for a few months being rehabilitated as he has never lived in a house or had any love.

Mum has settled him into the conservatory so he can get used to a forever home and it's nice and warm and cosy in there. There is a split-level door from the lounge into the conservatory so he can have the top open and get used to what's going on in the house but we can't do any mad dashes in there. We are allowed in for a little while each day so we can all get used to each other. Mum's a real spoilsport as she picks up his biscuit bowl so I can't snaffle up those and his cat litter tray has a hood and a little door into it. I can't get my head through the door so no sweeties there!

Paddy and I had real fun in the snow with lots of dashing about and when we came in Mum had to pick out the snowballs in our coat and beard as we get very agitated with those.

Ooh, Scott - fancy being in a magazine. It's very exciting knowing a famous Scottie.

That's all for now, Paddy sends barks to all.

xxx from Heather

Editor's note: A big, warm welcome Archie. Enjoy all the love and comfort that surrounds you in your new forever home.




Pauline Leigh

26th March 2018


The Tartan Terrors all send gentle barks of welcome to Archie and hope he soon settles in to a great life with you all.

What a gorgeous boy he is and we look forward to seeing more photos of him in the near future.

Lots of luv, woofs and loads of licks, Shadow, Ollie Bear and Thistle xxxxxxx




Liz Storrie

27th March 2018

Hello Archie,

A big welcome from me (Eilidh), Jojo, Tommy and our Mum.

You are a very handsome young man. You have found a very lovely, forever home and we are sure you will settle in very soon.

We are looking forward to hearing all your news.

Please give Heather and Paddy our love and kisses.

Eilidh xxxxxxxxxxxx




Elaine Hewitt

28th March 2018

To Heather and Paddy

Scott and his Mum would like to say what a gorgeous cat Archie is. You will both have to be gentle with him until he is settled in.

I think it is very brave of your Mum to bring a cat into the household. It would not be possible in our house.

Anyway, it is a big welcome to Archie.

By the way Heather, I am really not that famous. I have only been in S.T.E.C.S. calendar and Dogs Trust magazine. My manager has not got anything else lined up for me at the moment but you are welcome to join my fan club.

Lots of woofs to you all - Scott




Maureen Guthrie

28th March 2018

Hello Archie and welcome,

You are so handsome and those eyes are quite stunning.

Wishing you lots of happiness and a long life in your new home.

Love Dudley Bear and Maureen


Reply to responses:

30th March 2018

Miaow, this is Archie,

Heather is very kindly helping write my thank you note - I have had so much to get used to living in a house and I hadn't got as far as using a computer yet.

A big thank you to Marion, Roger and Kyle for my welcome and to everybody who kindly sent me greetings. I have never had such a welcome before!

It's all very different for me now - living in light and heat and comfort is just marvellous - I can't stop purring. Mum grooms me every day and Chris makes a real fuss of me. Heather is very keen to be friends and I am getting used to her and I keep a watchful eye on Paddy and he does the same to me. Mum says it will take a bit of time as we're both ex studs! - and boys will be boys - but she says we're all going in the right direction.

Anyway, Heather and Paddy and me and Mum and Chris wish all of you on scottiedoglovers and their families a very Happy Easter.

Purrs from Archie


Entry number 1457

11th March 2018

Pauline Leigh and the Tartan Terriers

Subject - Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day.

From all our babies with Paws and Claws