Marion Kimberley-Scott has a great and lasting love for all animals and holds a particular fondness for Scottish Terriers and donkeys.  Marion does not see herself as a budding poet or as an artist but simply prefers to put her thoughts to paper whenever the mood takes her. Most of the time her poems reflect her very personal feelings which may include a hint of sadness or the joy for a new found friend.

 © Marion Kimberley-Scott



(8th October 2010)

Thank you for all your good wishes,

I've sure had a real good day;

Presents to open - now that was fun,

And chicken for breakfast to fill my 'tum'.

Some nice fresh air, and then a good snooze,

Soon it was time for a bit more food;

Rump steak this time - gosh it was good,

And then we went out to 'walk it all off'.

Another visit to the Land of Nod,

And then I'm ready for tea;

It's 'tuna for two' - that's 'Lottie and me',

'Cos she is my own special friend.

And so it is nearly the end of the day,

With not a lot more to say;

Except to friends - "I've had a great day,

Goodnight, sweet dreams - sleep well."



No-one knows where I came from,

Or how long I had been 'on the road'.

I was skin and bone, with a matted coat,

And as wild as the North wind blows.

While 'doing time' a visitor arrived,

Along with some more Scottie dogs.

She stroked my head, looked into my eyes,

And told me that she would be back.

I served my time - no-one came for me,

Who knew what the future held?

But she did come back, to take me away,

To my new forever home.

Now I'm transformed into a real Scottie dog,

And Piper is my name.

I've put on weight, re-grown my coat,

And am learning to trust again.

I've settled down in my nice new home;

I'm gentle, loving and kind.

And I am oh so thankful,

That I was 'saved' in time.



I'm a proper little Scottie dog,

Although my ears are floppy.

Once I was a lonely boy,

Unloved and so unhappy.


Now I have a new 'Mum',

Once more I have learnt to trust.

Each day we share the special things,

That mean so much to us.


I'm happy now in my nice new home,

Have a garden to play in with toys.

I know that I am safe now,

With a 'Mum' who shows me she cares.



Hamish was a Scottie dog, a grand wee lad was he;

He wore his kilt so proudly, and was loved by all those he did see.

When he was barely 10 months old, he was joined by another wee Scot;

An 8 week old puppy called Angus - of each other they made such a fuss.

The two of them were inseparable - becoming the best of friends;

And when I sat down in the armchair, a head on each foot did descend.

When they were 5 and 6 years old, Jamie arrived on the scene -

They welcomed him with lots of licks, and shared with him their toys;

And showed him how to play those games that are enjoyed by "tartan boys";

Digging holes in the flower beds, chasing rabbits across the fields;

"Catch the ball" in the garden - Oh, how they enthused over these.

Angus we had for 10 happy years - Hamish a few months more;

When dawned those sad days in our lives, and they were with us no more.

Brock has now joined Jamie, and together they have lots of fun;

But I WONDER if in Jamie's mind fond memories linger on!



(16th November 2011)

I cannot see, but my nose leads me

To a hole in the ground and it's under a tree.

I snuffle and snort until I'm sure

What's in that hole that my nose has found.

It's a little mouse that's living there;

Guess it's hoping to be warm -

And weather the storm -

As Autumn, followed by Winter, approaches.

Dig as I may I cannot find

Any sign of that mouse at all.

It's tucked up warm with a larder full

And may stay there until next Spring.

With a scruffy beard and mucky paws

I decide to call 'time' on that mouse.

I return to my bed for a nice warm snooze

But the mouse hunt goes on in my head.

I begin to dream about that mouse -

I grumble and growl and twitch my legs;

And then I wake up with quite a start -

I'll just have to go check on that mouse!



Eyes haunted with fear, and painfully thin,

The sanctuary had kindly taken me in.

Not too far away, a new home I found,

Where dogs, a pot-bellied pig and rabbits abound.

They told me they loved me, and would always care,

And not only that, they would always be there.

As time passed by, and I began to trust,

A bewhiskered, wet nose into their hands I would thrust.

I have lots of "walkies" every day,

And sure enough, I have learned how to play.

A bowl full of food on my return,

There's not much more for a dog to yearn.

A caring vet when things go wrong,

Just what more could a loved girl want.

A warm bed at night to have "doggie dreams",

That's what a good life really means.


DUNROAMIN' - For 'Kyle'

(1st December 2018)

Many miles you travelled, to reach your forever home,

Some of them were over land and others over foam.

A poor, wee soul, who needed love,

A complicated wee Scot for whom life had been tough.

Time, love and patience would change all that,

You were keen to please and good company.

Long walks across meadows and home for tea,

Then a cosy bed to rest paws and head.

You've been with us now for several years,

And life is still fun, with 'lots to be done'!

Your face is now grey, but your heart is gold,

Special times indeed to have and to hold.