There is a special place where all our friends go,

It's not their choice, but they obey,

They all meet and find love and touch each other,

Nose to nose, sniff and growl

They may be sisters or brothers,

They look and say, "we are home now, safe and sound,

Away from fear, away from pain,

One day man will see this was all in vain"

But do they care - I think not !

Humans do not care, they have let us down

To find my master, the miles I have trekked,

He left me homeless, a doggy wreck,

I never gave up, I carried on trying to find him,

We belonged together

Until one day I lay down, my bones were tired

I knew I was now old,

The master I loved had gone,

But I never left my master

Editor's note - Maureen has also written 'Memories' which appears in our 'Stories' section and has contributed many images of Dudley for his Slideshow.


A Piper’s Tale

They say there's a Piper's dream -
Nice, snug and warm - is that what they mean?
Or is it something quite different -
A wild distant dream?
I open my eyes - I give a big yawn;
Today is another day since I was born.
I stretch my legs - I look around;
Yes - I am home safe and sound.
Three years have gone by, I have not been alone.
There's only licks I can give you, or a friendly growl,
To say I'm so happy, and so contented right now.

I thank you - Piper.


A Special Prayer

If you dare look in the eyes of a dog,
Your soul would be touched, your heart would surrender.
I've looked in the eyes of many dogs,
Wonderful times I remember.
Soft fur I would stroke, lots of licks I provoked,
Big smiles, lots of joy - you were my sunshine.
Little girl or boy - you were all so special.
Tonight I will light a candle.

Love you Taffy, Oscar, Bruce, Lady and Shannah


A Poem To Lottie

There's a sweet Scottie girl called Lottie that no one should forget;
She has been the best friend that Piper could have met.
She keeps her head low, never in the news;
She is the only girl Piper would ever choose.
He looks at her - she looks at him - and that's when their noses meet;
Their life with you, Marion and Roger, is complete.



My heart is an ocean, it beats as a mere wave

There’s so much room no animal would be turned away,

So rest little donkey, the burden is all gone,

There’s a place in my heart, where you belong,

I listen to the song birds, they sing a most beautiful tune,

I cry, I bear the pain, I hold my head high, as my tears fall,

If I could change the world I would
To all the animals suffering I love you dearly


One Day

I see no food on the table,

I see sadness in people’s eyes,
The worst of all I see pain and hunger,

And total neglect of the ones who are wise,

They guard us without question,
They obey our commands,

Without thought they would die by our sides,

Surely the day must come,

When us humans will stand up and say,

“This is the time when cruelty subsides”,
Then man and animals will live side by side,

Without fear of each other and love will abide,

The greatest devotion no one can count,

The love of a dog is surmount and cannot be surpassed
My Love for Dogs is Paramount


Remembering Bruce - September 1980 to July 1993

I woke up this morning,

there was something on my mind;

It took just a moment to remember,

then I looked at a photo.

Tears ran down my face

if only your warm body I could embrace.

You and I spent so many happy years -
You teasing me, me teasing you, with our happy play.
Why is Rainbow Bridge so far away?

Why can't I touch you now,

feel your warm fur,

the lick of your sweet tongue?

In my heart you will always live,

in my dreams you come to life.

So my darling Bruce,

today was the day we were parted

over 19 years ago.
I've never forgotten the love we shared

- you were my rock, you kept me sane.

In fact you were the man

- strong, upright and bold

in such a very gentle way.

The photos may be fading

but my love grows forever stronger,
So every morning I look at those fading images

I see a light in your eyes.
In my dreams we meet again

- you're much younger, so am I.

So until tomorrow night

my love for you is so strong,
And I promise will never die.

My darling Bruce - I love you always

(such a very special Westie)


Rooms To Let

My heart is a house with many rooms,

In the kitchen we all gather,

Time and love for each other,

And by the fire lays a dog,

Stretched out not a care or bother.

We take no notice but he is watching,

He looks, he learns, he grows up,

And in a flicker of a candle,

He is no longer,

l cry.

So my next best friend is now,

In the parlour, young and playful,

l feel perhaps the warmth,

Will make her life much longer,

But no, her time has come to leave me.

l shout, l cry, l kept her warm,

l took her above the kitchen,

Where she slept,

Played and we hugged,

And said good-by, yet again.

My heart was up to let,

Then l met the most wonderful dog.

All the rooms are now taken,

We have many years (so no rooms to let )

Dudley Bear took residence.



To all my very best Friends - Taffy, Oscar, Bruce, Lady and Shannah

We are very special people,

There are tears in our eyes that no one sees,

There is pain in our hearts that no one else can feel,

There is sorrow, that we alone cannot share,

We hold dear in our hearts a parting so dear,

We keep it safe in our mind, their memory lives on

She and He were once quite young,

I look in the mirror and what do l see,

A very much older Maureen looking at me,

But there in my heart they all come alive

We are running, I’m laughing,

While they are barking and full of life

A kind lick on the hand, a nudge from a nose,

Tells me it’s time to turn out the light,

Why it's bed time,

But I promise you I will dream of you all tonight

(and I do)


The Older Dog

Just for fun, I got mum up in the middle of the night

I know she loves me, so decided my pee might take a while

She was shivering whilst standing looking loving at me

I know she loves me and in my doggy way, I love her,

But the puppy l will always be !!!


To Dudley

(Celebrating your 5th birthday on 4th September 2010)

Eyes so bright and trusting,
A nose cold, yet warm.
Your heart beats so proudly,
With every waking dawn.
Stay with me my Scottie dog,
I will keep you safe from harm.
That's all my Dudley asks of me.
Until the time is upon us,
When we must sadly part.
My eyes will cloud over,
And there will be pain in my beating heart.
But now I look at you my darling Dudley,
There's many years to come.
Until we have to part,
Everyday I will look in those eyes so trusting,
And kiss the nose that's cold yet warm.
I know in your heart it will always be my home.

Love you - Mummy Maureen XXXX


A Poem for Kyle  - What’s In A Name?

Straight of water, handsome,

No one would disagree,

That's what Kyle means,

And goes back to Scottish history,

So Kyle of noble birth,

Hold that very precious and handsome head high,

The most perfect name for a most perfect boy,

You a very important part of Scottiedoglovers, l know we would all agree.

Take time to discover all that life holds,

Long walks through fields, smelling new grass,

But, please bear in mind

Marion has to keep up (slow down a wee bit)