Entry number 1516

12th May 2019 (received evening of 11th May)

Paddy (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Subject: Our News

Top of the morning everybody!

Mum's been nagging me to send some news and as I've just got back from a good walk at the Donkey Sanctuary, I thought I might as well get on with it.

Well, I found my first hedgehog a couple of weeks ago, just woken up from the winter. I did lots of squealing and jumping around trying to pick it up but Mum got there first and packed me off indoors while she took it for walkies. It's the first one Mitzi has seen and she was more than a bit mystified!

Mitzi is going in to Sandra, our vet, on Tuesday to be spayed. We're all feeling a bit nervous about it as it is the first time she will have been away from home. Mum is going to sit with her while she has her premed so she will be sleepy when Mum slips away. She's taking her blanket with her and Mum has got her a medical pet shirt to wear after to keep it clean and so I can't go inspecting her stitches - as if I would do such a thing! The shirt was a bit too tight for Mitzi - Mum said they haven't allowed for a Scottie tum! Anyway, she has split it down the centre on the back and put in a nice soft knitted piece so it's comfortable for her and her tum isn't all squashed. I didn't have a shirt when I had my little op but Mum said boys don't need one, it's a girlie thing.

Archie is full of himself at the moment. He's swanning about boasting that the Royal baby has the same name as him - I can see I shall have to take him down a peg or two - or even three or four!!

It's nice to see Flora settled down and also baby Elsa getting friendly with Tommy.

Anyway, I've done my stuff now and Mum says I can settle down in the armchair now and have a snooze after my walk.

Mitzi sends girlie barks to everybody and Archie send purrs - grrrr. Barks from Paddy


Entry number 1515

3rd May 2019

Tommy (with claws being guided by Liz Storrie)

Subject: Our News

Hello everyone, Tommy here!

First of all, we would all like to extend a big welcome to lovely Flora. You are a beautiful girl and we hope you enjoy being part of our group. Benji is most impressed with you; he thinks you are adorable.

To Barbara, Paddy, Mitzi and Archie, and Pauline, Shadow, Ollie Bear, Thistle and Treacle, we all want to thank you for your kind words at the loss of our lovely Jojo. I really miss him; he was a great big brother to me. He is buried in the garden and Mum has ordered a lilac bush in his memory. We'll plant it where he's lying. RIP big bro'.

You all know I have a new baby sister called Elsa. We chose her name because of her colouring (after Elsa from Frozen). Mum kept us in separate cages until Monday, then she put Elsa in beside me. I wasn't sure at first but I reckon she'll make a great sister. She is cheeky, playing with all the toys, eating loads of seed and my treat bar, but it's nice to have someone to cuddle up to at night.

Mum decided to check the details on my ring and guess what? We both came from the same breeder. I was taken to the local pet shop and was chosen by Mum there, but the shop changed hands and the new owners don't sell livestock. Elsa came straight from the breeder. She likes the television - a lot!

Well, I am exhausted now. Elsa will be in touch soon to say Hello; she is too shy at the moment.

We hope everyone is well, especially all you Mummies and Daddies out there.

Tweets from Tommy and Elsa and barks from Eilidh and Benji xxxx


Entry number 1514

2nd May 2019 (received evening of 1st May)

Pauline Leigh

Subject: 'Conversation' April 2019 - see Entry number 1509  

Hi Liz,

We are so sorry to hear of the sad loss of JoJo, but so nice to hear you have a new little baby for Tommy.

Love and big hugs from Pauline, Shadow, Ollie Bear, Thistle & Treacle xxxxxxxxx


Entry number 1513

2nd May 2019 (received evening of 1st May)

Maureen Guthrie

Subject: Welcome 'Flora'

Welcome to Scottie Dog Lovers, Flora.

Such a pretty name and you are a very pretty Scottie girl.

Looking forward to all your news with your lovely new family.

Love Dudley Bear and Maureen xxxx


Entry number 1512

2nd May 2019 (received evening of 1st May)

Pauline Leigh

Subject: Welcome 'Flora'

Hello Flora,

We send you lots and lots of welcome barks and licks and hope to see more lovely photos of you.

We are getting quite a few nice ladies now - something for us boys to look at.

Lots of luv, woofs & licks - Shadow, Ollie Bear, Thistle & Treacle


Entry number 1511

1st May 2019

Barbara Tribe

Subject: Welcome 'Flora'

A very warm welcome to Flora to scottiedoglovers.

You look a really gorgeous girl and a lovely companion for Lily.

Enjoy your new forever home.

Welcome barks from Paddy and Mitzi and purrs from Archie - xxx and love from Barbara