Entry number 1435

20th November 2017

Shadow, on behalf of the Tartan Terriers (with little paws being guided by Pauline Leigh)

Subject: Thank You

Hi Eilidh, Jojo and Aunty Liz,

Thank you for your lovely note.

Yes, we are getting excited about Santa too and yes, our Mum is sneaking about with boxes, but I will sniff them out - I always do!

Yes, Dad with the housework was funny, especially when Mum kept telling him he was doing it wrong and he insisted that he was doing it the right way. The funny one was when he said some rude words because he couldn't open the washer door.

I am glad you pointed out about Mum being able to chase a cheeky Scottie or 2 when her knee is better. We never gave that a thought, so thanks for that one - we owe you!

Mum says thank you very much for the lovely card - it has cheered her up no end.


Top of the Morning to Heather, Young Paddy and Aunty Barbara,

Thank you for your update and no, we haven't seen any hedgehogs. In fact I don't think we would even know what one looks like as we don't seem to have things like that where we live, just the pesky cats from next door. Misty is a real tease - she sits under our window washing her ears and paws and I am sure she is smiling whilst she is doing it too.

Ollie Bear is a big baby when it comes to the Hoover and he has to go outside, Thistle thinks it is fun to bite it and me, I just take it in my stride -I just find it annoying when I have to move.

We hope everyone else is keeping well and all getting ready for Santa - only 34 more sleeps - (well, night ones). Some of us may squeeze a few more sleeps in, especially us with this rain.

Luv, woofs and loads of licks to you all - Shadow, Ollie Bear & Thistle Xxxxxxx


Entry number 1434

20th November 2017 (received evening of 19th November)

Heather (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Subject: Our News

Hallo everybody, Heather here!

That was good hearing from Shadow, Ollie Bear and Thistle but your poor old Mum, in the wars with her hip and knee. I hope you enjoy your new garden - I wonder if you have any hedgehogs. Paddy keeps finding all ours but Mum says they are probably all tucked up for the winter now.

Bet you had good fun with Dad doing the housework. Did you chase him when he was going round with the Hoover? If he's anything like Chris, I expect he kept giving you little extra treats when Mum wasn't looking.

We had a bad year as our Oliver went to Rainbow Bridge, which was very upsetting. We all miss him so much, especially Leo as Oliver was his special friend and he had already lost his pussycat mate, Jazz, last year.

We keep having lots of rain and I hate going out in the rain. I'm afraid I was a naughty girl this week and wouldn't go out to spend a penny, but I got caught short in the night and Mum found a large puddle in the morning. I am keeping a low profile and thought I would please Mum by writing a newsletter.

Now I'm going to have a snooze with Paddy on the settee.

Love and xxx to all, Heather


Entry number 1433

16th November 2017

Eilidh and Jojo (with a little help from Liz Storrie)

Subject: Thinking of You - Pauline Leigh

Thinking of You - Please click here to view the card


Entry number 1432

15th November 2017

Shadow, on behalf of the Tartan Terriers (with little paws being guided by Pauline Leigh)

Subject: Reflections

Hello everybody,

As it is only 5 weeks until Santa pays us a visit (or I hope he does), I have been doing some reflecting on the year 2017, and I have concluded that it has not been our best one. Nor would it appear to be here on Scottie Dog Lovers as we have had to say goodbye to so many dear friends and no S.W.A.T. (Scotties With Amazing Talent) team but, on a brighter note, we have also got to say hello to some new friends too.

Our year has just not been normal at all because of Mum. It started off quite well, until we went to the seaside in May. After that it has all gone down bank. We came home and Mum disappeared for what seemed liked forever, but it was only 4 days to have a new hip (yeah, we didn’t think she was that old either).

We had several weeks of not being able to go walkies, Daddy doing lots of Mum's jobs, like feeding us and housework (that was funny). We had our noses clipped on more than one occasion with her crutches because we wanted to guide her. Things seemed to be turning pretty much back to normal, then we had to have the retaining wall between us and Smudge, the big Alsatian next door, knocked down and rebuilt due to it leaning. Mum said she was glad that the insurance had finally coughed up – whatever that means! We also have a great new back garden, but it meant weeks of dust and muddy paws, but the best bit was having our own drawbridge to use to spend a penny.

We have now recovered from that to find out Mum will be disappearing again next week, only for a day this time she has promised, to have a cartilage repaired in her knee. Personally, I think we ought to see about trading her in for a newer model, this one is wearing out quick (but shush, don’t tell her we said that).

We apologise for not being about so much on Scottie Dog Lovers, but hope you all now know why and, hopefully, 2018 will be a better year.

Anyway, all this typing with my big paws on Mum’s little keyboard has quite worn me out, so I am off for a little nap.

Love, licks and load of woofs to you all - Shadow, Ollie Bear & Thistle xxxxxxxxx




Eilidh (with little paws being guided by Liz Storrie)

16th November 2017 (received evening of 15th November)

Hi Shadow,

How lovely to hear from you and the other Tartan Terriers. Jojo and I were just talking about Santa yesterday. There have been lots of parcels being delivered. Mum opens some of them in front of us, but quite a few have been stashed in the wardrobe. Could we dare to hope they are for us? I'm getting excited thinking about it.

You are quite correct about 2017 - it has not been a good year for us either. Christmas will be my first without Macduff.

Mum was laughing at the thought of your Dad doing the housework. Just bear in mind that once your Mum's knee is done she may be much quicker on her feet and more able to chase a cheeky Scottie!

It has been cold here, but not really a lot of rain.

Anyway, I can feel sleep catching up with me, so bye all.

Love and kisses from Jojo and me XXXXXX


Entry number 1431

14th November 2017 (received evening of 13th November)

Eilidh (With little paws being guided by Liz Storrrie)

Subject: 'Paddy' - Thinking of You

Hi everybody, Eilidh here!

We found this picture of a gorgeous hedgehog camping and I thought Paddy would like it. Editor’s note: This is a Japanese hedgehog called Azuki and he has a massive following on Instagram.  Please click on the image to visit the site.

Love and kisses Eilidh XXXX




Paddy (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

15th November 2017

Top of the morning, Eilidh,

Mum showed me the camping hedgehog - it would be pretty difficult to pick him up in his tent. Mum went all ooh and aah over him but Heather was busy munching carrots and wouldn't have a look.

Thank you, Paddy


Entry number 1430

5th November 2017 (received evening of 4th November)

Eilidh (with little paws being guided by Liz Storrie)

Subject: Our News

Hello all, Eilidh here!

Well, we have survived the fireworks tonight, but we think there will be more tomorrow. I get really scared but Mum makes a den for me under the coffee table. It makes me feel a wee bit safer.

I suspect that Mum is just as scared as me really. Jojo is brave - the noise doesn't bother him at all. He asked me if I could send a photo of him for you all to look at. He is starring on the SSPCA site. They 'posted' asking for pictures of pets who had been rehomed.

Honestly, if his head gets any bigger we'll have to buy a bigger cage!

Our weather hasn't been too bad. Lots of sunshine but it's much colder now. Much better for walking in. We are still on the look out for a new buddy for me, but no luck so far. I'm getting used to having all the attention, and having Mum all to myself. I do miss Macduff so much though.

Well Paddy, you seem to be thoroughly enjoying life. I love going to the groomers as well. I just get a bath but I HATE the smelly stuff they put on me. Mum likes it but, like you, I roll in something smelly at the first opportunity, much to Mum's disgust.

We haven't seen many hedgehogs this year. However, we have a fox who comes into our garden so there are always lovely smells to investigate.

Frogs are fun too. I like when they start hopping and I can chase them but 'Old Spoilsport' always puts an end to that. I remember when we lived in our last house and we were out for a walk. Macduff was sniffing at something and Mum was not paying attention. When she looked she got out a poo bag and went to lift the poo. It started hopping around and Mum got such a fright. She said a bad word - we reckoned that sniggering was not a good idea in the circumstances. It was funny though. I haven't seen a frog since we moved here.

I thought you might like to see our Christmas Cacti. They are very pretty - we have three now.

They seem to do very well on the windowsill as we get the sun nearly all day and they also get the heat from the radiator. I've asked Mum not to buy any more because the other side of the window is my domain. Well, a girl has to carry out her guard duties, hasn't she?

Well, I am really tired now so nite all, love and kisses to every one XXXXXX




Heather, Paddy and Leo (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

6th November 2017

We think you are very handsome, Jojo.

Paddy says he would promise not to chase you! Leo's whiskers twitched at the thought of a bird in the house!

Greetings from Heather, Paddy and Leo

PS Mum says what lovely Christmas cacti


Reply to Responses:

8th November 2017

Hi Heather, Paddy and Leo, Jojo tweeting!

Thank you for your lovely message. I hope Leo wasn't too upset. Mum likes kitties but Eilidh doesn't. I have only seen them from the window and I think they are cool.

Eilidh was very upset at the weekend by all the fireworks. Me - I don't bother.

Mum got upset Sunday night too, when Aston had to leave Strictly. Silly Mum!

Sending tweets, barks and cuddles from Eilidh and I.