Entry number 1429

28th October 2017 (received evening of 27th October)

Paddy (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Subject: Our News

Top of the morning all!

I went off with Heather on Thursday for our furcut and a bath and had such a great time. I 'LOVE' Diane and she is such fun that when we were finished I didn't want to go home! Just to show how excited I was, I had a good roll in the car park in front of Mum who screeched, "Paddy, you've just had a bath!" Mum is really pleased with me as my kilt and beard are growing now and I have very spiky eyebrows. Mum says, "You've got a long way to go, Paddy, to catch up with Heather's coat". Anyway, I don't care as I can go and see Diane again.

I've found three hedgehogs since I last wrote my newsletter and then I cornered one behind Mum's medieval lady statue and Mum said that was cruel and carried me off indoors. Next day I found a frog to show Mum.

Cor, Dudley, you were pretty brave in Storm Brian. Did your Mum sit out there with you?

Bye for now, Paddy

PS Mum keeps trying to take a photo of me and Heather after our furcut but we're not having it. We're pretty good at turning round just as she takes the photo.


Entry number 1428

14th October 2017 (received evening of 13th October)

Jojo (with claws and beak being guided by Liz Storrie)

Subject: Our News

Hello everyone, Jojo sending tweets and whistles!

Eilidh is sleeping off her long walk this afternoon and her dinner. She seems to have taken over from Macduff in the snoring stakes. It can get quite noisy at night with her and Mum both snoring away.

Well Paddy, what can I say? You have made my Mum laugh out loud at your antics. I've never seen a real hedgehog but Eilidh has told me all about them. Mum loves them, but they sound scary to me with all those prickles. Eilidh`s predecessor, Isla, used to bring 'hedgies' into the house. Mum had to do the 'hedgehog run' to take the critters to the safety of the church grounds. Poor Chris, I'm sure he isn't grumpy at all. That's what Mum calls Iain too.

Mum ordered a new Christmas tree and it arrived yesterday. I can hardly wait for it to go up - it plays Christmas songs too. I'll send a picture when it has been assembled. Eilidh and I would love a real tree but Mum always said that Macduff would pee on it. Mum puts stickers up on the windows too. It looks lovely. I get into trouble though because I peck at the stickers, but it is amazing how saying "Love you", followed by a kiss, works. There is also a new Christmas cactus, just bought today, for me to give the once over tomorrow. Such fun!

Anyway, it's almost time for Emmerdale and I am a real telly addict, so bye for now folks.

Love, kisses and whistles from Eilidh and I, XXXXXX


Entry number 1427

11th October 2017 (received evening of 10th October)

Paddy (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Subject: Our News

Top of the morning everybody!

Well, last night I went off up the garden for a tinkle before bedtime - Heather didn't come as well as she said she wanted to finish her carrot first. Mum was in the kitchen washing up and Chris was asleep on the settee in the lounge.

I'm trotting about and there it was - a quite big brown ball. Now Chris was given a ball to give to me on our walk yesterday - I was really pleased and carried it all the way home and buried it in the garden. That's why I thought I would take the brown ball in to Chris and give it to him as a present! Did it prickle when I picked it up but I persevered and shot into the lounge at high speed and put it on the rug beside Chris. He didn't wake up; in comes Mum to see what's up, takes one look and shrieks, "Paddy, it's a hedgehog"! She grabbed a throw from a chair, wraps up my prickly ball and rushes off up the garden with it and I was confined to the kitchen.

When she comes back, Chris is awake and wondering what all the commotion was about. Mum explained I had brought in a hedgehog and Chris said, "I hope it hasn't left any fleas". Mum said, "No problem, Paddy has had his flea control". Chris then rather grumpily said, "I meant me"! Mum fell about laughing and said, "I can put some flea control on the back of your neck too".

So, that was the end of my present for Chris. Next morning Heather and I checked all round the garden for quite a long time but no 'hedgie'.

I'm thinking now what I can do next.

Time for dinner.

Bye for now, Paddy and xx from Heather


Entry number 1426

8th October 2017 (received evening of 7th October)

Eilidh (with little paws being guided by Liz Storrie)

Subject: Our News

Hello, Eilidh here!

I hope you are all having better weather than us. It was lovely through the day on Wednesday but, when we went out for our last walk, the rain was just pelting down. We got soaked. It poured all night and was very windy. However, the following morning was dry and sunny but there was a definite nip in the air. At the moment it is still dry but we have the heating on.

Mum went shopping on Thursday and came back with a Celosia. It was in the houseplants section, but then when she got back she realised it was an outdoor plant. We checked on the internet and you can keep it indoors so it is now in pride of place on the windowsill in the lounge, beside our Christmas Cactus. It needs a sunny spot and we get the sun nearly all day at the front of the house.

I haven't seen any of my friends today - Mum says maybe they are hibernating. I had great fun last Sunday afternoon. Mum was pottering in the garden and Mary and Tasha were in their garden. Tasha came to say hello and we had a good race round the garden together.

Well, Heather, we are so happy that you and little Paddy are bonding so well. It must be nice to have a wee companion again. We are looking but no joy yet. I think that Paddy rushing out for a tinkle as soon as he gets up is a boy thing. Macduff was just the same. I'm like you, I can hold on for ages - Mum always says I have a cast iron bladder.

We have had rainbows here twice recently. Mum says it is Macduff visiting to watch over us. One evening Mum went to make a cup of tea and there were two rainbows. We reckon Macduff brought your Oliver to visit us, and to let you know he is OK.

Well, I have had my afternoon walk and been fed, so I think 40 winks is in order.

Love to all, kisses and tweets, with sloppy kisses for all Mummies and Daddies XXXXXX


Entry number 1425

1st October 2017 (received evening of 30th September)

Heather (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Subject: Our News

Hallo everybody, Heather here!

I just wanted to tell you all how happy I am with my new companion, Paddy. It helps with missing Oliver to have such a great mate. When it is bedtime, we have a little supper snack in the kitchen and then, really exciting, Paddy takes me up the garden to go ferreting through the bushes to see what we can find. He thinks there might be rats under the shed so we spend a lot of time checking it out under the silver birch, beside the shed. I'm not sure he is right but it's good fun looking.

In the morning we come down to the kitchen so Paddy can whizz out for a tinkle - I don't need to as I can hold 'it' for ages, although Mum says that's bad for me! Then we have a Dentastix each before breakfast. I eat mine really quickly but Paddy guards his and I have to stand and watch while he eats it. This morning I was in luck. There I was watching his Dentastix and Mum said, "For goodness sake, Paddy, just eat it up!" Then he spots a fly coming in the back door and forgets his Dentastix so I whizz in and grab it and take it onto my bed and munch it all up. Was he miffed when he came back! Anyway, Mum spoils him and gave him another one.

Just got back from a good walk at the Donkey Sanctuary so we need a rest. My problem is now I am 11 and my legs are very short, I can't walk very fast so I have to potter along while Paddy goes off at a really fast rate. He has to keep popping back to see if I am still coming along.

Going to have a bit of shut eye now.

xxx from Heather