My Poem by Bonny McKenzie - 20th May 2010

If you love me let me go,
for my journey is just beginning.
Please don't be sad - dry your tears
and be glad for the pain I no longer feel.
Think of me often when each flower blooms,
for I know you did love me so - because you did let me go.

Love Bonny XXX Remember I Love You XXX

For the Love of Bonny

To Bonny from Mummy and Daddy

I watched you getting older, I couldn't do a thing,
To stop the ageing process I would have given anything.
It broke my heart to loose you - I didn't want to let go
Of a friend who was so precious that only I could know.
I would give a year of my life if I could share with you
Another year of playing because I loved you so.
I'm sorry that I hung on when I should have let you go,
Until your eyes told me it was time for you to go.
You made that decision for me - I couldn't do it alone,
But for a time I will regret it now I am alone.
I held you close as we said goodbye - I called out your name;
Somehow life now will never be the same.
One day you will come to meet me, when I cross that great divide;
Then I know you will be there always by my side.


Love Never Dies - You Take It With You by Linda McKenzie

A tribute to the love of my precious Scotty dog Bonny

When God and a beautiful Angel visited me that day you and I both knew that it was time for me to leave. I knew you didn’t want me to go - I felt the strong pull of your love for me begging me to stay and not go, but I was so tired and had so much pain, so please forgive me for leaving you.

The Angel clipped on my lead and guided me through a gate into a land filled with green grass, beautiful flowers, trees and running streams. It had a feeling of peace and love. There was a bridge that we crossed together that was arched by a rainbow and at that moment my pain and tiredness was gone.

I could still hear you calling my name and I turned to try to comfort you but the beautiful Angel told me that you would be okay and not to worry because one day you would come to join me and we would never be parted again. So I will wait for you and when that day comes, as you too come through the gate and cross that bridge, I will be waiting and I will run to greet you - we will never be parted again.

Thank you for filling my life with so much love. I will never forget you and in the stillness of each day I will always be by your side.

Please don’t feel that you are without me. I may have left from your sight but I am still there with you in your heart and there I will always stay.

Sometimes I hear you softly speak my name - then I come to you in the quietness of the night and lay my head in your hands to feel that gentle stroke and I know you feel me near because you stop your tears and drift off to sleep before I gently leave you.

I walked by your side each day - I lay by your side each night.
To the world I was just a dog - to you I was your world.

Love from Bonny XXXXXXXXXX