16th December 1998 - 30th September 2011

Images and words courtesy of Anne Reynolds.

Jamie has been with me since he was a small puppy.  He’s now 11 years old, and shares his home with a cat called Willow and Sukie, the stray black cat, who seems to be making a home with us.

Anne reminisces about her reasons for owning her Scottie dog 'Jamie'

When I was a little girl I made a Scottie dog, with a little red tongue sticking out, sewn by hand, and after the bombing of Coventry I went for a weeks holiday with my cousins.

The ruins were a dreadful sight.  We heard the Bombers coming over all the time, usually about 7 o'clock at night - it was dark as I recall most times.  I can still hear the engines - even now.  We were under the stairs as the air raid shelter was too far away. My mother used to wrap me in an eiderdown - it was a lovely port wine red colour.  We were only 9 miles away from Coventry.  

My mother made me take my little cloth Scottie to my aunt for a thank-you present for having me.  It broke my heart and, after too many years to mention, this is the reason I have Jamie.  He is Kennel Club registered, although I have never taken him to dog shows.  He is a pet, and "my little boy."  Jamie is now 11 years old.

Jamie in the garden 2006

Jamie, Willow, Sukie and I all believe that there are fairies at the bottom of our garden.   I know there is because my Dad told me so when I was a little girl.  I told the children in school and they came and asked my father, "Mr Griffin, can we see the fairies please in your garden?"  That posed a predicament for my Dad!!  

Willow at Christmas, 2008

I have had Willow since he was a kitten, when he was found in a patch of long grass. Willow is part Siamese, and was 10 years old at Christmas 2008.   As soon as I start to dish-up Sunday dinner, Willow now sits on the dining-room chair waiting for his!

Editor's note - Anne also features in our 'Poems' section and has the Slideshows ‘Jamie and Pals’ and ‘Biskit and Pals’.

Anne passed away on 13th March 2017 - sadly missed, fondly remembered.