Marge and Archie

Marge - the ‘Queen of Netto' or is it the ‘Trolley Dolly Scottie’?

From hearing from Marion (at, that Netto needed a black Scottie for a photo shoot (this was at 5 p.m. on Tuesday 19th May 2009),  it was a mad rush round.

I contacted Netto's PR agency who confirmed that they were looking for a Scottie to be photographed for their Staff Newsletter and some other promotional leaflets.  They needed the dog to be in South Yorkshire at 11 a.m. the following day (Wednesday 20th May 2009).

When Rebecca, from Netto's PR Department, told me they were going to use a Westie I was horrified as Netto's logo is certainly a true Scottie and I said that I would help them out (nothing against Westie's - I love them too -just ask Tinkerbelle).

Marge and Archie, the two rescues I took, weren't too keen on the brush up job they both had to endure on Tuesday evening. It was short notice and both dogs could have done with a bath as they are always playing in one of my fields and with all the rain we have had they were muddy pups for sure.  However, bathing them so late would have meant their coats being too fluffy, so it was a rub down and good old grooming session.

Wednesday was an early start - fed the dogs a light breakfast to give them time to digest it and, doing my best to stop both dogs from going on their usual patrol of the land in the mud, and getting the other dogs and horses done before embarking on our day out, it was certainly mad in the Marchbank household. We managed to get off by 9 a.m. for the 100 mile drive.  Marge and Archie, the rescues I took, both love to spend time in the car, and we arrived safe and sound in the south of our neighbouring county by 11 a.m. A quick photo session of about 30 minutes, the photographer said "that's a wrap”, and we were on our way back home.

Marge is the Scottie shown in these photographs.  She has come a long way in 12 months, from spending her life on a puppy farm to ‘Queen of Netto’.  I am so proud of her.  

She was very thin, nervous  and newly spayed when I picked her up in April last year. Marge has taken everything in her stride.  This little dog has learnt very quickly to take everything that comes her way - including boxes of cereal and a full box of Thornton's chocolates which were left hanging on a door handle as a birthday pressie for Steve (my husband), by a very kind friend and neighbour. (We were so lucky they didn't kill her - CHOCOLATE CAN BE POISONOUS TO DOGS).

This is Marge's only downfall.  She will steal food, break into cupboards and jump up and eat what she can - she loves her food.  Probably in her former career as a "working girl" she would have had to fight for what she got. Due to her disability (badly twisted front legs) we have to watch her weight and try to keep her on the lean side which is difficult when you love food as much as she does.

Her legs don't stop her running free in the fields, chasing rabbits and birds at full speed, but for some reason walking is difficult for her and she gets tired very easily.  

Marge is normally walked on a supporting harness to try and lift and take the strain off her front legs.  Marge doesn't like a collar - she will stand and be held on the collar, but hates to be held tight on it, and she panics.  Marge pulls back and refuses to walk on it - something we are still working on.  

Marge loves people and adores children.  She loves to be the centre of attention - her tail goes round like a helicopter blade.  Marge is a very happy Scottie and I hope she didn't get too used to being in the trolley as I certainly hope it is a good few years away until we will have to resort to helping her out with her legs and perhaps having to use a stroller.

Archie, also accompanied Cath and Marge to Netto's.  Archie is yet another of Cath’s 'rescues’, and was bought, at the age of 7 weeks.  At 10 weeks, he was given to the Dogs Trust as his owners were fed-up with him climbing into the dish-washer.  Cath collected him on 30th December 2006, and Archie now has his 'forever home' with Cath and her family.

Cath Marchbank, Marge and Archie xxx