Pickle's Tale

By Margaret Brewer

Hello, my name is Pickle and I thought you might like to hear my story

I was born on 1st April 2001.  I must admit I cannot remember my early life, but I am sure I was well looked after as everyone says I have a lovely nature and am very laid back.

One day Mr. H. and Mrs. E. came to where I was living, put me in their car with my belongings, and off I went to live with them in their nice bungalow near the sea.  Life was good - quiet but with lots of fuss, good food and perhaps, looking back, too many titbits.  Mr. H. used to take me to the beach where I could have a good sniff around and meet lots of dogs to run around with.  However, every so often Mr. H. would disappear and different people would take me for little walks. When Mr. H. was at home, ladies with interesting bags (I love bags - putting my nose into them and having a good sniff around) would come in and give him lots of attention.

One day a lady and gentleman knocked on the door and spoke to Mrs. E. Then they said to me, "Would I like to go for a walk?"  It was really lovely to go for a long walk along the beach, and when the tide was out I would go for a paddle and even a swim.  This became a regular event.  Every morning the bell would ring and there were my new friends, Margaret and Clive, ready to take me for a walk.

Life was really good, but one day Mr. H. disappeared again and this time I could sense that Mrs. E. was really sad.  I tried to cheer her up in my own little way, playing with my squeaky toys and balls but, unfortunately, she could not see where the ball had gone to.  Margaret and Clive still came every day and off we would go for our walk which did break up the day for me.  Once we all got in Margaret's car and we went to this place where some nice girls bathed me and trimmed my coat.  I was so happy to have all that fur taken away as I was beginning to look like a fat teddy bear by this time.

One night I was fast asleep when these people in a vehicle with blue flashing lights came to the bungalow and Mrs. E. went away with them, leaving me on my own.  I did not understand why, but soon Margaret and Clive came to see me.  They got my toys, my food and my bed and put them in their car.  They put me on the back seat and off we went.  I soon recognised their bungalow as I had been there before, so I decided to make myself at home.

I have been living here since October 2010 and life is generally good.  I meet my girlfriend Maddie, a 4 year old Westie, every morning for our walk.  She is a bit boisterous and does insist on kissing me!!  We meet our friends Bonnie and Daisy, the Scotties, and Megan, another Westie.  Later in the day we either go down on the beach or go in the car for a different walk.  Sometimes we go out with Bonnie and Daisy and their owners.

I have lost some weight and I must admit I feel a lot more energetic.  I often have all my toys out and run around the bungalow with Margaret chasing me - what fun!!  It will be lovely when the weather is better as Margaret and Clive have a nice garden so I can then take my favourite toy outside and show him around.  I have just had another fur cut with the nice girls so I am feeling a real 'top dog'.

I hope you have enjoyed my story.  Lots of 'woofs' to everyone!!

Pickle B.