By Dorothy Nation

My husband, David, had been bitten by a large dog when he was a young boy.  His father decided that he would buy David a dog, so that he would get over his fear of canines.

David's grandma's family (the Fotheringhams) had come out to Australia from Scotland so it was decided that the ideal dog would be a Scottish Terrier.  A breeder was contacted and COOINDA ROBIN ADAIR (affectionately known as Robby) was purchased.  This little dog's father had been an English Champion, who had come from a long line of Champions.

Robby soon became a treasured part of the family.  It was David's job to take care of his pooch and, each night before going to bed, he was to put Robby into his kennel.  It was a very dark night and David's father was working night shift.  David and his sister were watching TV with their mum.  The movie finished and David was told to take Robby out.  David did everything he could think of to get out of going outside!  His flustered mum then told Annette to go with David.  His sister would not venture into the darkness either!  The problem was that the movie they watched had been 'Them' and the kids were so fearful that those giant ants were going to nab them if they went outside.

On another occasion, the family was at the beach.  The kids had raced into the choppy waters and little Robby decided that he wanted to be with David.  Plunging into the surf before anyone could stop him, it wasn't long before the poor little mite suffered exhaustion.  David's father saw the little pooch struggling and he raced in to rescue Robby. It was not looking at all favourable.  Then the little dog started to cough up the ocean and, to everyone's relief, he survived.  How sturdy these little Scotties are!

Robby lived a happy, long and adventurous life.  David still tells tales of his wonderful Scottie friend, who had gone with him through thick and thin.

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