(Our Little Black Angel) - 14th September 2003 to 29th October 2012

Erdi and Elizma Neitz (South Africa)

2nd December 2012

The research carried out by Dr Rupert Sheldrake with the African Grey Parrot, N'Kisi, regarding an animal’s psychic abilities, has been widely reported in the news media.

I wish to share with you my own account of a somewhat similar experience that may have been psychic, a coincidence ... or not!  I leave it up to you to decide.

I often tried to communicate with Schatzi, our Scottie, telepathically.  I would in my mind call her when she was not facing me, or tell her to look at me, but she never responded in such a manner that I was convinced that either I, or we, have the ability to communicate without words or sound.

There was a strong bond between Schatzi and myself.  I was between jobs for a year after we first got her so she was in my presence 24 hours a day for 12 months. She was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease early in her life.  That made her look like a pot-bellied piglet and, therefore, even more cuddly and adorable.  Late in her 8th year she was diagnosed with Pancreatitis.  This is extremely painful and she was treated with Morphine pads on her skin.

The Pancreatitis then triggered Diabetes.  To treat all three simultaneously was a vet's worst nightmare.  Schatzi was very weak and lost twenty per cent of her weight. Several vets recommended that we have her put to sleep but my wife refused.  We had to go home and make a decision the next morning though.  The three of us held one another - Schatzi, my wife Elizma and I, and I prayed on the lawn outside the Animal Hospital that she be saved - that she one more time could walk with us (something she loved), that she could lie with her head on my pillow and stare with her beautiful, big, round, brown eyes into mine.

When I put her back in her Intensive Care Unit cage she lifted up her tired head and looked at me as if she was saying, "Dad, please give me a chance."  The next morning it was our bright eyed, black angel waiting for us to visit.  Things went up and down but after 10 days she was healthy enough and was sent home to us.  It was wonderful.  Schatzi weighed less but was so full of energy and had a new found passion for life.  We took her to a huge park one Saturday where she walked the entire park without panting at all; something which was not possible before due to Cushing's.  It was a miracle.  In September 2012 we celebrated her 9th birthday.

A week later I wanted to give her a snack and realised, with a shock, she could not see it in my hand.  I said to my wife, "Schatzi is blind."  She also bumped into furniture more and more.  She was taken to an eye specialist and it turned out that the lenses of both eyes had turned white and she could no longer see properly, caused by the Diabetes.  Schatzi was treated with medication for 10 days prior to her eye operation date and then the 2 lenses were removed.  Once again she came home and enjoyed every moment with her new vision.

Then a week later she started vomiting and it was dark - black in colour.  We rushed her to the Animal Hospital only to hear she was bleeding internally.  The long and heavy doses of medication had finally eaten her intestinal lining away.  She received blood transfusions and every time thereafter she looked better, just to hear the next day things were worse again.

On the evening of Sunday, 28th October, 2012, at around 1700 hours, after she had already had 3 transfusions, the vet informed us that if Schatzi was no better by Monday morning they would have to operate and see what and where the internal bleeding was.  The fact that her excretions were also black indicated possibly in the stomach.  If it was one hole or many was unknown.  We sat outside with Schatzi during visiting hour.  She appeared to be much better.  I stroked her back and 'filed in my memory' this feeling of my hand and fingers running over her coat as a good way to remember her.  My wife and I were sitting on a little cement wall and Schatzi then came and laid down against my left foot, her hind legs stretched out very relaxed, the way rabbits sometimes do.  I could feel the warmth of her body against my foot - it felt nice.  She gave a quick, short warning bark at a worker passing by, as if to say, "This is my family and our family time - stay away."  She looked at the Dove that landed near us and casually walked past.  Schatzi was so relaxed and it was a picture to remember for life.  I telepathically told her we loved her and thanked her for what she meant to us in our lives.

That Monday (29th October 2012), I was at work when the vet's call came saying they would have to prepare Schatzi for an operation - she was not looking good.  I asked them to allow us to go and see her before she had surgery.  I left work and had to drive about 78 km from the office to the Animal Hospital.  I called my wife and informed her to get ready - I was just stopping to pick her up.

Halfway through my journey a song played over the car radio, sung by one of South Africa's Afrikaan singers.  The words in the refrain are something like this: "With you, with you, that is where I want to be and where I will be peaceful.  At your feet is where I'll be relaxed."  I thought to myself, "This is almost like Schatzi saying it to me ... the exact picture we had the evening before when we 'talked'."  The song had just ended when my cell phone rang - it was the vet.  Schatzi had passed away as they were preparing to operate.  Her blood pressure fell too low.  They tried to resuscitate her without success.  This all happened exactly while this song was playing.  Was that my black angel's way of telepathically saying her final goodbye when she left her body, by letting me recall the golden memory and hear those words?

On 30th October, the next day back at work, the staff called me during the morning to go and have a look behind my car.  We have a parking area under shade netting for about 28 vehicles in an 'L' form.  Right behind my car, of all the cars, was laid a scruffy, small, brown dog.  No one knew where it came from or how it got into the farm yard for it is fenced off right around with electric wire on the outer side and then chicken mesh wire as a second or double inner fence.  Staff  picked her up and tried to feed her some egg but she did not want to eat.  After a while she went back to the very same spot behind my car and laid down again.  Eventually staff took her to the local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

When I got home and told my wife about my experience she said a strange thing had also happened in our garden that day.  It had been raining and when it cleared up the garden wall, where Schatzi used to go to do her No 1 and 2, dried completely except for a specific spot, where a silhouette or outline of a Scottie lying down with its head up could be seen as a wet patch on the wall for quite some time.  The two erect ears, the beard, the body and tail complete were clearly identifiable.

About 3 weeks later I was driving the same road back home and at the same spot the same artist sang another song.  I thought, "Schatzi,  if you see me give me a sign."  At the gate of our cluster complex, where we are staying, was sometimes a guy to be seen taking his Scottie for a walk.  I asked Schatzi to let the same man and his dog be there when I arrived at the gate.  That would be the sign for me. When I turned in there was no one so I left it there.  That evening in front of the TV, as an after-thought, my wife said, "This afternoon, when I got back from town, that man with his Scottie was walking past the main gate and you know what?  After the dog urinated it kicked back with his legs, just like Schatzi used to do."  I went cold ... but in a good way.  I said to my wife, after Schatzi passed away, what I would miss most about her is when she did her No 1 or 2 she always kicked up the grass with her hind legs as if she was wiping them clean or trying to cover 'the mess'.

Like I said, is it a coincidence twice in a row ... or maybe it’s not.

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