Those we love don't go away,

They walk beside us every day;

Unseen, unheard, but always near,

Still loved, still missed, and very dear.

Faithful companions, sadly missed by Marion and Roger.

Mac, Buttons, Hamish, Angus, Jamie and Kim are also fondly remembered.


12th May 2000 - 17th January 2015        

Loved and never forgotten.

Missed so much by Eileen, Kathleen, Jack, Niall, Cormac, Aoife and Shauna and his doggy pals Lady, Bess, Lucky and Clody


31st January 2002 - 30 September 2014

 Now forever rolling in the grass

 with his sister, Shona, at Rainbow Bridge.

 We will love you and remember you forever

 with your ever wagging tail.

 Mummy dog, Daddy dog and your little brother, Bugsy Bear XXX

A special poem


Died November 2009

(Aged nearly 14 years)

Bessie had walked long walks up to her passing, which was

peaceful and in the heart of the family.

Sadly missed, but always with us, especially on those walks

she loved.

Jim Talbot and family


Bonnie - Adopted 2008

Went to Rainbow Bridge on 13th March 2011

Molly - 26th January 2001 to 25th January 2015  

 Poem - "For Bonnie who is in a ‘Special Place"

 Poem - "Molly"


Sadly missed by Ann, Andrea and Scottie pal Poppy


9th December 1997 - 26th May 2010   

Bonny was our special gentle girl, who was loved by

everyone she met.   The light has gone from our lives.

She was our girl.

Loved and remembered always -

Linda and Chaz McKenzie XXXXXX

Special Poems


25th January 1997 - 10th November 2008

"We miss you so much -

you were the bestest pup in the whole wide world.

Thank you for being our friend."

Jean MacRae and family


Nothing could be more beautiful,

Than the memories we have of you;

To us they're very precious,

Because they are of you.

Sadly missed - Julie Henry and family


Love you my darlings - please wait

for me at Rainbow Bridge.

Hugs and kisses.

Love you - Maureen Guthrie


Loved and never forgotten.

Missed so much by

Kathleen, Jack, Niall,

Cormac, Aoife, Shauna and Eileen

and their doggy pals Clody, Bailey,

Lady, Bess and Lucky


2000 to 3rd January 2010

Remembered with great affection as

‘Head of Security’ at Lea Valley and Rivers

Education Support Centre, Hertfordshire.  

All staff and pupils past and present miss

his cheeky presence. His family miss him more.

Rest in Peace Dougie XX

Annie Brown and family


9th October 2002 to 27th December 2013                  

Our beloved 'Ferny Derny', 'big girl'. special wee doggie who gave us lots of love and cuddles.

We shall remember the happy times with great joy and shall miss you terribly.

Elaine, Joe, Maeve and Lillie xxxxxx


2001 to 23rd November 2009

(Our beautiful boy from STECS since 17th April 2009)

Angrily spake the gardener,

“Who plucked this flower

one of the rarest in my garden?"

Gently answered the Master

“So dearly did I love it I chose it for my own."

We will never forget you, our darling angel

The Rath family and your Scottie pal Bessie


16th December 1998 - 30th September 2011

When twilight hour draws near,

And sunset flames the sky,

We think of you dear Jamie,

And the happy days gone by.

Thoughts of you come drifting back,

Within our dreams to stay,

To know that you are resting,

When the twilight ends the day.

Sadly missed.  

Loved and remembered always.

Anne, Clive and family


1st November 1997 - 13th October 2009

"Go to Mum Jenny, Go to Mum"


Sadly missed - Keith and Jane Jones


Bruno - Loving you always, forgetting you never.

Charlie - To a special boy who will never be

forgotten - Always in our hearts, love you forever.

Polly - You came to us as an older girl and

therefore, we did not share your whole life,

but you gave us three wonderful years that will

never be forgotten.  Sleep tight little girl,

love you forever.

Hannah - To our sweet, brave, baby girl -

love you to the moon and back.

Mick and Pauline xx


Charlie -  Our lovely Charlie - Gone but never forgotten

Finlay - Our lives are less richer, he was one of a pair,

Now it’s time to say, life is not fair.  

We will never forget him, this beautiful boy,

Five short years we had him,

he gave us great joy.

He’s running in meadows, where daisies abound,

Our hearts are breaking, ‘cause he’s not around.

He was taken too soon, from our loving care,      

Life does go on, or so they say,   

But not for us ... not today.  

Hearts still broken.

McGregor - Always loved, always remembered.

Reunited with Finlay

Agnes - Always in our thoughts

Tilly - Our lovely lurcher; always in our hearts.

Jan and Paul Barrett

JAZZ ( Blue Burmese) Abinitio Jazz Singer, OLIVER MOONBEAM,

 LEO (Bronze Egyptian Mau) Myowal Mauzurka  and HEATHER


Mischievous and feisty. Loving and highly intelligent. You'll be forever in our hearts.


You came to us an adorable, naughty pup and grew into a handsome, fiesty young Scot. You matured into an even more handsome, loyal and loving companion, wilful and stubborn as a true Scottie, yet gentle and caring too. We will always love and remember you to the ends of time.


He loved his Scottie family so much, he really thought he was a Scottie too! Love you always little boy XXX


Our precious little Scottie girl - such a sweetheart. Run free at Rainbow Bridge, Heather, with your pals Oliver, Jazz and Leo. Miss you always, love you forever.

Barbara and Chris, Paddy and Archie XXXX