The light is fading fast, my life is nearly through,
No more the days of wonder, the days that I once knew,
No more I'll feel the sun's warm rays, or rain upon my face,
No more the sleepless nights, with worry of the chase.

I lie here in the gutter and people pass without a care,
I'd like to shout, "I'm not dead yet, please stop", but I don't dare,
The wind blows gently o'er me, sending shivers down my spine,
And somewhere in the distance, a dog begins to whine.

I think now of my babies, and wonder how they are,
Someone came and took them; I heard a motor car,
Their eyes were still not open, they could not feed alone,
I didn't know the reason why, just heard my babies moan.

There was a time not long ago, I was a pampered pet,
A basket in the hallway with food and friends and yet,
The little boy who'd wanted me, grew bored so very quick,
His thoughts turned more to trains and games and other fancy tricks.

Then came that fateful day and not so long ago,
When they said I wasn't wanted, I really had to go,
So I found myself inside a box and driven out of town,
Where I heard the master say, "Let's let the beggar drown."

But instead they left me by the road, thrown out without a care,
No backward glance, no sad remorse, a business-like affair,
I didn't see the lorry, as it came along the street,
Just felt a searing pain and saw blood around my feet.

And now my body's weary and my eyes can't see the light,
I've tried to shuffle forward, I've tried with all my might,
But here I'll lay now till the end, I know it won't be long,
And while I wait, I wonder - What did I do wrong?