Entry number 1424

22nd September 2017 (received evening of 21st September)

Eilidh (with little paws being guided by Liz Storrie)

Subject: Help, please!

Hello everyone, Eilidh here!

Well, our weather is a bit `soggy` today. We did manage our morning walk without getting wet though. Yesterday was quite nice but we had rain in the evening.

Jojo sends love and tweets but he is busy with a new millet spray. They are his favourite. He does enjoy Brussels sprouts (yeuch!), kale and the occasional bit of lettuce.

We are having a bit of trouble with magpies in the garden. They are ripping the grass up. Really going for it. Mum is so embarrassing - she runs out shouting at them to "Go away" - at least I think that's what she's saying. Any advice from any Mummies or Daddies please?  Editor’s note: They’re just looking for the grubs that damage your lawn so it could be a ‘good thing’ depending on your point of view!  If you’d like to deter them, then leave out some other tasty treats to try and tempt them away from the grass.

For the first time ever Mum has been in the 'doghouse`. I have still not completely forgiven her for Tuesday night's escapade. We were out for our last walk of the night and someone at the top of the street had been cutting down bushes and shrubs. I couldn't believe my eyes when Mum leant over the fence and picked up a bit of a plant with loads of roots on. I just couldn't get home quickly enough. I swear, if the police had come along and spoken to us, I would have denied all knowledge of her and gone to stay with Dad!

Well, time for our afternoon wanders.

Love and kisses to everybody, from Jojo and Me XXXXXXXXX


Entry number 1423

15th September 2017 (received evening of 14th September)

Paddy (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Subject: Our News

Top of the morning everybody!

I had my first furcut with Diane this morning and I was a very good boy. I really liked Diane, she was great fun and made lots of fuss of me which felt very special. Mum has taken some pictures of me.

Heather says I must say she had a good time too and Mum has taken her photo too. She wouldn't stand up for her picture to be taken like I did.

I've been having some really good walks now I've got over my 'little operation'. Yesterday we went through the woods at Peak Hill, Sidmouth and then back across the moor. It was really windy and Mum said it was blowing all the cobwebs away.

Must say, I feel I've landed on all my paws living here with Heather and Leo. Couldn't be better!

Bye for now, Paddy

PS Heather is very bossy and says I must send her xxx too - soppy girl!


Entry number 1422

8th September 2017

Marion Kimberley-Scott

Subject: 'Tilly' and 'Esme' Barrett (reproduced from the 'Latest' entry dated 6th September 2017)




Barbara Tribe

8th September 2017


Welcome to 'Scottiedoglovers' from Heather, Paddy and Barbara.

You're a very pretty girl.

We are so sorry to hear that Tilly has gone to Rainbow Bridge.

Run free Tilly xxx




Maureen Guthrie

8th September 2017

Dear Janis and Paul,

Sorry to hear of the loss of your Tilly, who you dearly loved.

Rainbow Bridge would have a big welcome for her and l'm sure she still has you in her heart.

May we welcome Esme who has brought more love into your life.

We wish you lots of happy times to come and look forward to hearing about all her new adventures.

Lots of love, thinking of you - Maureen and Dudley Bear xxxxxx




Liz Storrie

9th September 2017

Dear Janis and Paul,

So sad to hear your sad news about your beloved Tilly. I am sure that our Macduff will take good care of her, along with Oliver and all the other 'Scottiedoglovers' babies at Rainbow Bridge.

Eilidh, Jojo and I would also like to welcome little Esme to the group. I'm sure she will keep you on your toes.

Lots of love from Eilidh, Jojo and Liz xxx


Entry number 1421

2nd September 2017 (received evening of 1st September)

Eilidh (with little paws being guided by Liz Storrie)

Subject: Our News

Hi everyone, Eilidh here!

It really is Jojo`s turn to speak to you but he is very busy stripping a millet spray. Typical boy, always thinking of food.

We have been having mostly warm, sunny weather here. I think we are due some rain through the night though.

Well, we have a lovely new gate in the garden. It is a wooden one and the joiner made it on site. Dad came over on Thursday and we went to B&Q. Mum wanted special paint for the gate. She had set her heart on blue but they had none, but they had some good offers on plants so we came home with two lavender plants. They smell gorgeous and are proving popular with the bees.

Then we went next door, to B&M. Mum got her paint there - and she got blue! I did try to talk her into a nice pink but Mum wasn't for turning. I think there is a touch of Scottie in my Mum - she can be very stubborn.

Well, on our afternoon walk today I really got stopped in my tracks. Sitting in one of the gardens was a Scottie. For a second I thought it was Macduff, but it was a lovely girl called Tammy. Her Mum came to chat to us. Like our boy, Tammy was born in the west of the country, so I have another lovely friend.

Anyway, I can feel sleep calling. Love to everyone XXXXXXXXX