Entry number 1485

30th September 2018 (received evening of 29th September)

Mitzi (with little paws being guided by Barbara aTribe)

Subject: Our News

Hallo everybody, Mitzi here!

Now I am brave enough to use the computer without Paddy helping me although Mum was on standby in case I got in a muddle. Actually, I am really getting quite brave altogether now but I do get little panic attacks and run for cover.

I enjoy going into the garden with Paddy but I do prefer it when Mum is there too. We had good fun on Thursday afternoon as Mum was planting bulbs in a container. When she finished the first one, she went to get the next one so I thought I would climb on top of it and check on the bulbs. There I was digging away and pulling up some bulbs when she came back. She wasn't really cross with me but she did explain that they were tucked away in the earth to start growing and it wasn't a good idea to dig them all up again.

Last night Paddy and I were in the garden before bedtime checking out all the hideyholes and looking for any little animals. I didn't find anything so I came indoors and a little later in came Paddy. He was playing on the rug in the lounge and Mum thought he had one of Archie's toy mice. However, when she looked at the tail hanging out of Paddy's mouth she was a bit suspicious and asked Paddy what he had got in his mouth. He put down a very wet, dead baby mouse at her feet. Mum had to roll it up in a piece of kitchen roll and pop it outside. We all like to see what Paddy brings in from the garden.

Gosh, Benji, that was a bit of a walkabout, wasn't it. Mum says she thought your Mum would have had a pink fit when she saw the gate open.

I am so happy here with Paddy and Archie is my bestest friend. I like to follow him about when he is trotting around the house and it has made me much braver and I don't keep hiding now.

Mum is talking about me getting used to a lead so I am waiting to start a bit of training in the garden - I hope I like it.

That's all my news for now.

xx from Mitzi, Paddy sends barks and my pal Archie sends purrs


Entry number 1484

25th September 2018 (received evening of 24th September)

Benji (with little paws being guided by Liz Storrie)

Subject: Our News

Hello everybody, it's Benji here!

Well, I have only been here for four weeks now but I feel as though it has been a lot longer - in a good way though. Mum was very pleased with me at the groomers. She says I was a perfect gentleman. I really enjoyed my pampering session, apart from smelling like a girl afterwards. I've managed to get rid of that now though, thank goodness.

I've also been to the vet - she was really nice - well, until she weighed me. I tipped the scales at 12 kilos. My ideal weight is eight and a half. Thankfully Mum thinks that nine to nine and a half will be fine. I was very well behaved there as well. Mum was so pleased with me. I also need some dental work done but will have to wait until I am a bit slimmer - hey ho!

Eilidh says I should tell you that my birthday is 7/8/09. Mum would rather celebrate my proper birth date. Mum was quite surprised at how lively and agile I am for my age. I am breaking her in gently at the moment. Only kidding Mum!

I had a bit of an adventure yesterday. Iain was here and he took us out into the garden but he didn't notice that our neighbour's gate was open. I sauntered into her garden and guess what - the back gate was also open so I ventured into the lane at the back. I was having a good root around, sniffing and watering the weeds. However, next thing Mum appears. Not a Happy Bunny with Iain at all. I knew by the tone of her voice that discretion was the better part of valour and came back in.

Time for some food now guys.

Love and sloppy kisses to all xxx


Entry number 1483

13th September 2018 (received evening of 12th September)

Eilidh (with little paws being guided by Liz Storrie)

Subject: Our News

Hi everybody, Eilidh here!

It is so nice to hear from young Paddy. What a good lad not burying the apples. We don't have apples in our garden and we don't pass any apple trees on our walks. Blackberries (Mum calls them Brambles) seem to grow in abundance here. Mum likes them but I don't. Nice to hear that you and Archie are good friends now.

Well, Benji is not bad for a boy. I really like him. It is nice to have doggie company on my walks again. He is now settling on the settee beside Mum and me in the evening. We reckon he is a good watchdog. He hears any little sound outside and let's us know something is happening. He also likes his food.

He told me that he loved his foster mum but he found all the other big dogs a bit scary. I'm much more his kind of dog. He is good in the garden, doesn't dig any plants up, but he waters them a lot!

Mum has to move her cacti into the kitchen because he likes to lie on the windowsill. Looks like Neighbourhood Watch has a new member.

Anyway, its coffee and biscuit time.

Love, cuddles and kisses to all xxxxx


Entry number 1482

12th September 2018 (received evening of 11th September)

Paddy (with little paws being guided by Barbara Tribe)

Subject: Our News

Top of the morning to all!

Now I have got myself a really USEFUL job - I collect the windfall apples in the garden and put them in the kitchen for Mum. When I first started I tried burying them first and then digging them up and bringing them in to Mum but she said that made rather a mess indoors so now I bring them straight in.

I went to Sandra, our vet, three weeks ago and horror of horrors, she said I was a bit overweight (well truthfully more than a bit overweight) and I have had to have my dinners cut in half. Archie was sniggering about that but he went for a checkup yesterday and Sandra said he was overweight too so - haha - he has his dinners cut in half too. Now I have to admit he is a pretty decent cat and we all get along fine now. Mum did have a quiet word with me about chasing Archie and I did agree that he has a pretty hefty left hook and it wasn't a good idea to get in the way of that and Mitzi really likes Archie so I've changed my mind and we're all part of the same gang now.

Mitzi is still quite nervous but she's getting a lot better and I do my best to encourage her to come and play with me. She's not ready to come out for walks yet but Mum says there's plenty of time for that.

Benji, you look a pretty smart chap with your new furcut and we're all so pleased that you love your new home. Isn't it great to be part of a family?

Going to check up on Archie now.

Barks from Paddy, xx from Mitzi and purrs from Archie


Entry number 1481

11th September 2018 (received evening of 10th September)

Barbara Tribe

Subject: Dudley's Birthday 'Thank You' Message

Hi Dudley,

We loved your birthday message on Scottiedoglovers and your picture with your cards. Mitzi went a bit starry eyed!

Luv Auntie B and the gang xx


Entry number 1480

2nd September 2018

Benji (with little paws being guided by Liz Storrie)

Subject: Our News

Hello everybody, Benji here!

Thank you all so much for your big Scottie Dog Lovers welcome.

Well, I think I have well and truly landed on all four paws. We are all still getting to know each other but I am happy here. I get two good walks every day and have been meeting neighbours, both furry and human.  Everyone has been really kind to me.

As promised, here is a photo of my new fur cut:

The only thing is I smell like a girl. Even rolling in the garden hasn't worked. I'll just have to keep on trying!

I have never lived with birds before but Jojo and Tommy are awesome, even if they can be a bit noisy.

Eilidh and I have a chair at the window and I have great fun keeping guard over MY house.

I'm not used to using the tablet so I am going to have a nap.

Bye, love and kisses to all xxx


Entry number 1479

1st September 2018

Dorothy Hankin

Subject: Welcome 'Benji' and 'Mel' (See August 2018, Entry numbers 1477 and 1478)

A big welcome to Benji and Mel.

You have landed on your paws, having loving homes.

Look forward to hearing your stories.

Woofs and barks from Isla and Pipin and love from Mum Dorothy xxx