Tributes to Pebbles, Nina, Joe, Jessie J, Mimi, Martha, Tansy and Rosie

Penned, with love, by Penny Gutridge


PEBBLES - 19th February 2000 - 1st January 2014

Arrived as a rescued pup at 7 weeks and left us just short of 14 years old; a wonderful, inestimable, incomparable friend.

Pebbles was faithful to me to the last beat of her heart. I hope I was worthy of her devotion and of her trust.

The following is an adaptation from Linda Hultin Winn's "Happy Tails: Inspirational Stories For Dog's Best Friend" -

When is the right time? You will know. You will look at that precious face at some point and know that the kindest thing you can do is release her.


NINA - Died 9th July 2012 (Aged 18 years)

Rescued from a miserable, isolated life, shut in a barn, Nina was timid and withdrawn initially, but soon proved to be an intelligent, calm and gentle dog; affectionate, loyal and a joy to her family and friends. We loved her dearly and blessed her for the model of forbearance she became as children and other dogs moved through our life.


 JOE - Rescued 2009 - Died 21st July 2010

Abandoned at the pound in old age and infirmity by person or persons unknown, Joe spent the statutory period in the pound and was saved from premature euthanasia at the eleventh hour by the local PAWS Dog Helpline. Joe spent the twilight of his life with us. It was a privilege to be entrusted with Joe's care; a gentle, obedient and wonderfully affectionate dog.

Joe was a handsome fellow, a beautiful spirit and we loved him very much.


JESSIE J - Rescued 18th October 2012 - Died 23rd September 2015

One thing is certain. If heaven is a place of unconditional love, then our precious, gentle Jessie will be waiting for us, together with all our family who have gone before - and what a beautiful reunion that will be!


MIMI - Rescued January 2016 - Died December 2016 (Aged 12 years)

A pretty little Scottie who endured regular veterinary treatment whilst enjoying every new day; much loved and never to be forgotten.


MARTHA - Rescued 13th January 2017 - Died 3rd February 2017

(Aged 11 years)

So brave during lifelong ill health and infirmity, but a happy, eager, determined Scottie who inspired enduring love.


TANSY - Rescued April 2012 - Died December 2015

Tansy came from Cat Protection at a year old; such a happy, affectionate, sociable puss - deeply loved but died too soon, aged 4 years, due to an inoperative tumour.


ROSIE - Rescued 2006 - Died September 2018

Rosie came to live with us c/o PAWS, a local animal rescue organisation. She had been hit by a car in Nov 2006 and police had taken her to our vets where she remained for veterinary care (she had head injuries and a broken pelvis). After surgery and lengthy "on site" care with the vets, she went to kennels where her care and recuperation continued. However, on Christmas Eve 2006, the kennels had an emergency admission and, as they were short of space, Rosie came to us for Christmas. She settled well and so was adopted and stayed with us - for nearly 14 years! In 2016 we found she had a heart murmur. It had been monitored but suddenly in September 2018, and in spite of the vets efforts, she died there in my arms due to heart failure - much loved and still nearby.


You think dogs will not be in Heaven? I tell you, they will be there long before any of us. (Robert Louis Stevenson)