You can keep your young Westie, with his white colored vestie,

For the thought of it sends me quite dotty;

For I have the best, who outshines the rest,

My adorable black coated Scottie.

No dog measures up, or can drink from his cup,

He is loyal, and faithful and true;

When the pipes they are playing, in his bed he`ll be staying,

With his paws in his ears, that is true.

Though he wears not the kilt, or a tam with a tilt,

And his dirk is a thing of the past;

A die-hard is he, when he finds a flea,

He will try to outrun it real fast.

No hard coated tick would make him feel sick,

He carries his own secret store;

For when it's feeling frisky, he pours out the whisky,

And drowns the darn thing on the floor.

How intelligent is he, who sits on my knee,

To cuddle up close every night;

For a last minute pat, like a bigger black cat,

Clinging on for dear life with delight.

Yes, my Scottie by far, wins the race to the star,

So deserving of fortune and fame;

Though his stature is small, in his mind he`s quite tall,

Like the place in my heart he does claim.


Copyright Yvonne Sparkes 2007

Editor's note - Yvonne has also contributed images of her much loved dogs over the years which now appear in the 'Holly' slideshow.